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MAFS' biggest cheating scandal is finally over. Here's how Australia reacted.

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Married at First Sight’s Ines and Sam’s cheating scandal just keeps on escalating…

After a week of rumours between the other couples, Sam finally admitted to meeting Ines on the Gold Coast.

And boy, did things get awkward.

“There’s times I’ve caught up with Ines,” Sam admitted during tonight’s commitment ceremony.

“There was an attraction between Ines and I. And the opportunity arose where we could catch up and say hello, so obviously, we did,” he added.

Sam and Ines met up on the Gold Coast in secret. Image: YouTube.

After lying to the other couples about their affair last week, it's safe to say not everyone was pleased with Sam's admission.

"You've just ruined a marriage and you're sitting there smiling. Your husband is looking like a piece of sh*t," fellow wife Cyrell yelled at Ines.

Cyrell then directed her anger at Elizabeth's husband Sam.

"You don't sit there and just meet up with another wife," Cyrell said.

"Please, the world doesn't revolve around you, Sam. You ain't King Dingaling."


Best. Insult. Ever.

In the end, Sam and his wife Elizabeth both chose to leave the experiment.

Here's how Australia reacted to the drama of Married At First Sight.






Sam and Ines' affair began earlier in the season when Ines messaged Sam on Instagram.

The pair then met up on the Gold Coast for drinks behind their partner's backs before heading back to Sam's hotel room to, erm, seal the deal.

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