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Let's all take a moment to appreciate the real hero of Married at First Sight.

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It’s not often Australia gets the hero we so deeply deserve.

But that’s what happened on Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight. 

Amid the amateur porn cheating scandal and the finger-sucking chicken-pox spreading rumours, a true hero emerged.

Her name is Cyrell and she’d very much like to start some sh*t even when her fake husband specifically asks her not to.

Cyrell’s interests include drinking wine, laughing at her fake husband, and kicking off.

She would like to spread the gossip and if people don’t appropriately respond to the gossip, she’ll remind them why they… should.

Cyrell is exactly what this season needed. She’s our woman behind the scenes, getting the gossip and stirrin’ the pot.

Here’s all the hilarious things Cyrell has done so far this season:

1. She stopped swearing in front of the food.

During her wedding episode, when Cyrell and her brother Ivan were fighting over the fact she’s going to fake marry a stranger on TV, their mum interrupted and said…


And they… stopped. 

2. She waxed Nic’s butt and giggled… a lot.

During ‘yes week’, Nic made Cyrell wax his butt as… punishment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She loved it.

Never has anyone giggled so much while waxing the back, crack and sack of someone they met two weeks ago and married for no logical reason.

3. Then she fed him chicken feet and a goose egg.

Nic then made Cyrell wear a maids outfit while she cooked him traditional Filipino food.

Being the hilarious bogan of all our dreams, she did a sneak and gave him chicken feet curry for the main and a goose egg for dessert.

It made her giggle… a lot.

cyrell mafs 2019
cyrell mafs 2019
cyrell mafs 2019

She spilled her wine all over herself. And possibly peed her pants a little.

4. She started sh*t at the dinner party.

When Elizabeth refused to get upset about her fake husband cheating on her with someone else's fake wife, she convinced her that kicking off was exactly the right thing to do.

cyrell mafs 2019

"Think about how stupid Bronson looks right and also how entertaining this will be for the rest of us."

5. She told Sam he "ain't King Dingaling".

On Sunday night's episode, during a very heated commitment ceremony, Cyrell tells Sam he "ain't King Dingaling".

cyrell mafs 2019

No truer words have ever been spoken.

No man has ever needed to be told you "ain't King Dingaling" more than Sam.

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