Oscars 2019: The one moment from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance that proves their love.

Let’s face it, tonight’s Oscars was about one thing and one thing only: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow performance.

And it was… Well, it was bloody beautiful.

As soon as we heard those first few chords, we’re not ashamed to admit we were majorly attacked by the feels. We’re talking lump in the throat, eyes welling up type feels.

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Bradley looked nervous, Gaga gazed on adoringly as he started the song: ‘Tell me something girl…’

Much emotion.

The pair performed the hit to perfection but the real climax wasn’t even Lady Gaga’s high-note (although that was pretty epic).


We may have squealed. Source: 9Now.

Bradley got up and sat next to Gaga at her piano, and they performed the last ‘In the shallow, shallow’, their faces actually touching.

Yes, we’re all still shipping them. Yes, Bradley Cooper is there with his wife Irina Shayk, but that’s beside the point because we’ll always have Shallow… right?

And, to be fair, we’re only this obsessed because we’re thinking of Jackson Maine and Ally. Cough.

In all seriousness, it was pretty perfect. Here it is in its full glory:

Worth the hype? It's a yes from us.

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