'I tried the 'dot method' to see if it really makes your makeup look better. Here's how it went.'

As a beauty editor and co-host of You Beauty news, part of my job involves trying out some of those viral beauty hacks you're seeing everywhere.

And look, most of them are a total flop (a moment of silence for the foundation in water hack). But! Some of them are actually great, and end up working their way into my makeup routine (looking at you, concealer hack) because they're just. that. good.

Watch: I tried the lube makeup trick. And the results kinda surprised me. Post continues below.

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The newest hack getting around town? Something called the 'dot method' makeup hack.

Heard of it?

Well, it's become so popular, even the celebrities are getting on board.

So, I thought I'd better give it a whirl!

What is the dot method makeup hack?

Just to give you a wee rundown on how this became a thing, the technique itself isn't exactly new - it's just kind of been revived.

Let's start with Aussie beauty influencer Chloe Morello's viral reel. A few months back, she shared a tutorial, saying she was sick of "cakey makeup", before showing her followers how to use a 'paint by numbers' technique for a lighter, fresher look.


She basically starts off applying her concealer, foundation, bronzer and blush in little dots across her face, before blending out her base with a makeup brush. 

In between blending, she spritzes setting spray to keep things all creamy and malleable. 

"This is technically a single layer of makeup, even though I’m wearing five different products," she said in the video.

"My typical makeup technique would end up with me having five or six layers on and it just doesn’t look natural," she confessed. “So with this technique, I can wear everything. It looks so natural, and it stays all night."

Check out the full clip below:


Fast forward a couple of months, and it's now a celebrity-approved hack, with Jessica Alba trying out the technique for herself, sharing Morello's method with her followers on Instagram.

"Hear me out... I know I look cray, but I think @chloemorello just unlocked 🔓 a next level makeup hack!" she captioned her post.

"Not only is it quick and easy, but the final natural and dewy look is a vibe. Try it out if you haven’t already!"

And, can we just appreciate this glow/whole face:


Then (are you still with us?) a beauty blogger called makeupby_ellie has added her own little spicy spin to the popular dot trend, using a ✨metal straw✨ to apply her products in perfect dots.

Why the straw? I'm not entirely sure, but it looks sooo satisfying and perfect, but also extremely time-consuming.


An actual Picasso. Five stars. 

In case you skipped the end, everything ends up looking seamless and amazing - so, of course, I had to give it a go for myself. 

Did the dot makeup method work?

Look, I just want to start by saying this makeup hack looked really fiddly and like it would almost definitely involve TOO much effort for an everyday face.

ANYWAY, I tried it - cause I said I would.

I used the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick, $60, Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer, $42, Rimmel London Kind & Free Foundation, $12.99, and the blush from the Charlotte Tilbury Quick & Easy Makeup kit (which is like $99 for three products).

Most of these products are creamy stick products (minus the foundation - just a normal tube situation), so instead of using a metal straw, I just dotted the formulas onto my face.

Also, just in case you totally confused me for Jessica Alba or Chloe Morello in the feature image (don't worry, it happens ALL the time), here's a pic of me trialling the hack below:

See: Spotty Sue. 


NOT Jessica Alba. 


Following Chloe Morello's version of the hack, I reached for my setting mist (Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, $28) and spirtzed it over my face before blending (this helped make sure everything stayed nice and creamy).

Morello said you can also continue to mist your face as you go to re-dampen everything - but I found one spritz pre-blend was enough for me.

And just on that - can we please just take a quick moment to appreciate this picture of me spraying my face:

Sweetie, you're just spraying your neck. 



Okay, next I reached for a buffing brush (I used Mecca Cosmetica Wonder Complexion Brush, $54) and blended the cream products in sections - starting from lightest to darkest (concealer, foundation, blush, then bronzer). 

Sounds finicky, but using this method helped prevent everything from looking all muddy and weird.

You could also just use a damp beauty sponge, or a smaller brush for more precision/control.

Pls meet my brush. 


She blends. 


The verdict.

Now for the good bit! 

First off, the entire process looks like A LOT, but it honestly took waaay less time and effort than I thought it would. Like, I even finished my makeup routine quicker than using my usual technique.

And now, I wouldn't say I usually have super cakey makeup, but I think this technique looks so much more natural and feels a lot lighter than usual on my skin. Fresher! Healthier! Glowier!

While you're only wearing a single layer of makeup, it still gives you the benefits of contouring and highlighting - making everything look sculpted, but seamless. 

Plus, I ended up using way less product than I usually would.

She's glowing. 


And it lasts! I walked from the train station into work in the torrential rain without an umbrella, and it actually stayed on my face. Absolute wizardry.

My verdict? I rate it.

All in all, I'm actually so happy I tried this and I'm going to give it another go tomorrow. And you know what? I have an inkling you might like it, too. Go on, give it a go! 

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Would you try this makeup hack? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature Image: @jessicaalba; Supplied; @chloemorello.

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