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i'm with the band July 11, 2021

@gu3st yep.  Also, the fake eyelashes look ridiculous on most people, as they've now gone from natural-looking to spider eyes

i'm with the band January 15, 2021

I know first hand how painful this is. My first love died unexpectedly in a terrible accident in 2019. We hadn't seen each other in 15 years, although I thought of him frequently. 

The grief I felt when he died was profound, lengthy, and quiet. I'm married and couldn't tell my husband just how deeply I loved this man, and how painful the grief was. He wouldn't understand. My ex was an incredible person, and it was simply shocking to me that something so dreadful happened to him. I spent months and months and months rehashing and reliving our relationship and it's memories, and the end of our relationship. I also frequently beat myself up over never getting in touch with him. The finality never having any contact again was a deeply painful realisation.

This was a man who I shared many firsts with. He wasn't my first boyfriend, but he was my first love. You're right that something undefineable remains, and I'm forever grateful to have had him in my life in such a profound and purposeful way.

i'm with the band November 28, 2020

As much as I hated all the unsolicited advice I received from the moment I announced my pregnancy, my one piece of advice will only ever be - if people ask me - "You do you". No-one has all the answers, you don't need to have answers, and all babies, and parents, are different. It's ok to do what feels right for you and to ignore what doesn't feel right.

I felt terribly pressured to do controlled crying at bedtime. My in-laws, and consequently, my partner were staunch advocates of "crying it out".  After a few nights, due to my son's incredible distress, I caved, and ended it.  To this day (he's 6) I stay with him until he falls asleep.  I'm his safe place, and it will always be that way regardless of anyone's opinion.

i'm with the band August 18, 2020

Yep.  Had mind removed early this year after 20 years.  The only reason I got them in the first place was because I let an ex-boyfriend make me feel insecure about their size (a full B cup).  They served me well for a while, yet I always hated not being able to hug someone tightly, hold my baby close to my chest, or lay on my stomach properly.  

The clincher for me came when I found out that my implants were recalled as they were known to cause a rare type of lymphatic cancer.  Also, my body started to react to them a few years after implant, and I developed a myriad of health problems and autoimmune conditions.  My body was basically fighting against two foreign objects.  

I'm absolutely stoked I had them removed and feel more confident now without them then I did with them in.  

Natural boobies are hot and I forgot how good they feel!!

I'm With The Band May 24, 2017

This. For me, the first 12-weeks post-partum felt like the longest time of my life and OMG GROUNDHOG DAY. I was overwhelmed, tired as phuck, had more hormones pumping through me than a classroom full of teenagers and I had no freakin' idea what I was doing. It wasn't until my baby was about 4 months old that I realised, "Hey, I think I've got this". I also had the support of my partner and family, but I wasn't prepared for how isolating it could feel at times, especially when everyone was working and I was home alone struggling to figure it all out with my eyes hanging out of my head. I suck at newborning, but I love every other stage.

I'm With The Band May 21, 2017

Of course she can be proud of her body, I didn't say she couldn't. But posting photos of an near-perfect post-pregnancy body does nothing to stop vulnerable women judging and comparing themselves and feeling that somehow they don't measure up (because let's face it: social media is saturated with post-pregnancy "look at me" shots, almost as if it's the norm when it's not).

I'm With The Band May 18, 2017

I believe Lauren when she says it was a big deal to feel like herself again after having her beautiful baby. That's only natural. But posting a picture on social media? It just comes across as bragging to me.