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woodsie July 5, 2022

I do this all the time now, I follow Chloe's tutorial. Jessica used way too much setting spray, looked ridiculously shiny, probably because she was using the method as an ad for her company's setting spray. 

woodsie February 2, 2022

I've been shopping at Taking Shape probably since they opened. I like their clothes, their sizing is consistent so I can buy online knowing that the clothes will fit, they also have physical stores. I think their clothes have become a bit more modern in the last couple of years. Also 17 Sundays is good for modern more casual clothes. What I'd like to find is long socks for winter, I get very cold legs, that won't cut off the circulation in my legs. 

woodsie January 7, 2022

I seriously, no not really, only watch for the clothes and Gabriel. However, I do think the episodes are too short, they need to be longer with more clothes and Gabriel. 

woodsie January 7, 2022

Not bad, I've used (still have) 7 out of 11 items. It's the first time I've heard someone else use Vaseline as makeup remover, I used to do this all the time. I'm sure it used to condition my eyelashes too.

woodsie December 20, 2021

@alessandra.z87 I once had a boss compliment me on the fact that I always managed to have lunch, either I went out or took a break at my desk. Well, we are all entitled to have lunch and I worked very hard. 

woodsie December 20, 2021

@jo99  you sound like a very well rounded and accomplished person, it's a shame that your family isn't the same. Remember you can always choose your friends. If your weight is mentioned again this year, just walk away from the conversation, they might get the hint and you won't need to listen to it.

woodsie December 20, 2021

Well said Mary Rose. My thoughts at Christmas and the rest of the year too is, if you can't say anything nice say nothing at all. However it would be lovely if people could say something nice to each other, "you're looking good" for example and not the usual " that's a nice top" or " I like your dress" which is what I find anyone who isn't on the slim side gets. Us bigger than size 12 people only ever seem to get complements on our clothes or jewellery etc never on what we look like as a person. 

woodsie December 5, 2021

Things won't change in the USA, it's been proven again and again and again. They love their guns and their second amendment more than the children. They have made it easier recently in some states to obtain guns. The pro gun culture and the NRA rule the government,  no one will go against them. They say it's pointless to try but if they don't start things will not improve and children will continue to die. Perhaps this is the beginning, all parents should be charged along with their children who commit these awful crimes as in general they are the ones who are weaponising these killers. I hope my first sentence is wrong.

woodsie September 29, 2021

I thought there must be a typo with the price of the Hourglass palette. Who is going to pay $229.00 for 5 "wee" shadows in a palette? You'd have to be bonkers, what a rip-off.

woodsie September 16, 2021

They look like cartoon characters.. also, why is Meghan's leg at such a strange angle in the window photo, it looks like you could drive a truck between her thighs? The whole thing is just odd, the photos look like the photographer is playing a joke on them.

woodsie November 29, 2020

He mustn't have been getting much work done if he was texting you 100 times a day, it could have cost him his job. Besides that, if my husband was texting someone this much it would have cost him our relationship, I would not be happy and neither would he if I was doing this. It sounds like you are infatuated with this man. 

woodsie August 20, 2020

Enjoyed the look around your terrace. Do you do book recommendations, you seem like an avid reader?