Married At First Sight’s Davina shares why she decided to pursue Dean.

In an Australian Married At First Sight first, we saw Davina Rankin and Dean Wells cheat on their fake spouses with each other.

The nation watched on with droopy jaws. Or mild amusement. Or not at all, because you’d rather do literally anything else than watch MAFS.


It wasn’t the best look. For Dean, but mostly for Davina because that’s the world we live in.

Despite things not panning out the way she’d hoped – a.k.a Dean throwing her under the bus and deciding he should “give Tracey [Jewel] and his relationship the respect that it deserves” – the fitness blogger from Brisbane has shared why she really decided to pursue asshat Dean.

She told TheFIX that when she realised she wasn’t feeling any chemistry with her “husband” Ryan, she went for Dean because she thought he might be ‘the one’.

“It’s not like I was trying to be malicious because I’m well aware that there are cameras and microphones everywhere,” she said.

Watch Davina explain to Dean’s fake wife Tracey why she decided to canoodle with him in the video below…

Video via Nine

“So anything I say, I’m being honest… I can’t really help that I’m more attracted to someone, and I’m sure there were a lot of people in that room that looked at one another and thought, ‘Hey I’m attracted to that person’ or ‘That person’s not my type.’


“At the end of the day you’re putting yourself out there to find love. I hate hurting people and making people feel bad but, at the end of the day, you’re here for a reason, and I’d be silly if I thought there was a connection [and didn’t] pursue something.”

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Even now having experienced the fall out from her decision, Davina probably would definitely do it again. But also, she has a good heart guys.

“You have to go in with an open heart and an open mind and just stay as truthful as you can be and just see what happens,” she told TheFIX.

“I’m really resilient, really outspoken, but I’m also super caring. Everything I do, I do with heart so there’s never any ill intent or malicious agenda. It’s always because it’s truthful. Everything I say, it’s the truth. Not because I want to hurt someone.”

Both Davina and Ryan, and Tracey and Dean will be around for another week of trying to find love etc. Even though GOD DAMMIT TRACEY YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.

And so it continues.

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