Married At First Sight's Tracey shares why she really decided to stay with Dean another week.

It’s the decision that shocked the nation’s reality TV fans: Married At First Sight‘s Tracey learning that her not-at-all-real TV husband Dean had been texting and canoodling with another woman and choosing to stay with him anyway.

“WHY TRACEY WHY?!” Aussie viewers screamed. Some even quickly Googled the local TV guide to ensure they were still tuned in to the reality show and not an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Watch Tracey confront Dean in Sunday night’s episode in the video below.

Video via Channel 9

But, in an interview with The Fix, Tracey has revealed why, after learning Dean was originally planning to unceremoniously dump her for another woman on national television, she chose to continue with the relationship.

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“I didn’t want to say leave and never see Dean again,” she said, adding that the “Scorpio in her” wanted to stay out of spite.

“You know what? Guys like you get away with this all the time. You think you can do whatever you want with no consequence, and you’re not going to do this with me.”

Tracey chose to stay with Dean despite his indiscretions. Image via Channel 9..

For Tracey, it's all about making sure Dean faces the consequences for his actions.

"I'm going to leave when I'm ready to leave, and I'm going to make you have a consequence and be responsible for your actions because you can't get away with treating me like that," she said.

"And at that point, I'm thinking, 'It's only another week, and I'm going to make it hell'."


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Tracey shared that she also made Dean show his full text message exchange with Davina, and made him promise to cease all contact with the 26-year-old Instagram model (who, may we just remind you, is still 'married' to Ryan).

"Of course, that had to happen. He had to cease all contact. Non-debatable," Tracey said.

She also added that she has no hard feelings towards Davina, who she believes was "just as blindsided" by Dean during the commitment ceremony as she was.

"She had every inkling that he was going to turn around and be with her," Tracey said.

"She wrote leave, and she had no idea that Dean was going to change his mind.

"He had plenty of time to tell me, and he didn't. He could have reached out. He could have texted Davina to tell her he changed his mind, and he didn't.

"And I don't know what was going through his head. Whether it was a last minute decision that was made just before he walked into the commitment ceremony room? I have no idea."

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