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In seven words, Nick Cummins shut down a cruel Instagram comment about Cass Wood.


When Cass Wood became the most recent Bachelor contestant to leave the mansion on Thursday night, her heartbreak was tangible.

From the beginning, the 23-year-old was open and honest about her feelings for Nick Cummins – and it was a move that saw her mocked by some on social media, earning her the public persona of a ‘stage five clinger’.

It appears this cruel trolling hasn’t stopped since she left the show.

You can watch the tear-jerking moment right here:

Video by Channel 10

But after a particularly nasty comment, the Bachelor himself stepped into the comment section of Cass’ Instagram, and defended her.

The comment in question read: “If you weren’t so immature and your small lips didn’t make you look like the grinch then maybe you’d have a stood a chance with @nickbadger.”

Not to be hypercritical, but note the slight error… you’d think editing was important when you publicly insult another person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alas the Honey Badger had the perfect response and we are all nodding in agreement.

“This makes me lose faith in humanity,” he wrote.

Nick Cummins Cass Wood Instagram
Very well done. Image: Instagram.

Since posting his reply, Cummins' comeback has already gained 163 likes and counting, with many fans in firm support of his takedown.

"Grow up how disgusting of you. Clearly want to hide. Rude. @nickbadger couldn’t have replied better. Lost faith," read one comment.

"Troll reported.." wrote another.

Although it's rare for the 30-year-old to comment on another contestant's Instagram page, with Nick barely commenting on the show at all, this isn't the first time he's stepped in to defend Cass.

Earlier in the season, some fans were deeply invested in knowing exactly how involved Cass and Nick were before meeting each other again on the show. Speculation was rife, with discussions of their sex life and dating history appearing in several magazines.


However, speaking to the Daily Mail at the time, the ex-rugby player made a very frank statement over the rumours.

“I won’t be fuelling these bulldust stories [about sleeping with Cass] that the media mob creates,” he said.

Concise, to the point and effective - it's the Honey Badger way.

Were you sad to see Cass leave the Bachelor mansion? Tell us in a comment below!

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