11am dinner and 'must donate plasma': This tech bro's list of dating rules are...a lot.

Bryan Johnson doesn't plan on getting any older. In fact, he has no intention of dying at all.

Is he a vampire? 

No. He's a tech bro with a fortune of more than $400 million, who has dedicated his life to embracing a range of radical techniques to stave off ageing.

The Braintree and Kernel founder often refers to himself as "the world's most measured human", surrounding himself with a team of 30-plus doctors and health experts who constantly monitor him.

To avoid ageing, the multimillionaire subscribes to a lifestyle regimen carried out with military precision, which includes taking 54 pills every morning, getting skin treatments like red-light therapy and acid peels, daily exercise, not drinking alcohol, and going to bed at 8:30pm each night.

Johnson routinely fasts for 23 hours a day, only eating one customised meal each day at 11am. When he's not fasting, he eats two to three meals a day, comprised of boiled broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and garlic.

The millionaire has spent the past two years perfecting his routine (which he calls Blueprint) and outlining it for his followers – although it should be noted that the system costs him almost $3 million (AUD) per year to finance.


Bryan's most controversial age-slowing measure is getting blood transfusions from his 17-year-old son, Talmage. His son donated a litre of blood to his dad so that Bryan could extract the plasma.

Bryan also gave plasma to his own 70-year-old father, Richard.

The tech founder has since halted the process of "young plasma exchanges" as he tweeted that there were "no benefits detected". The results from giving his older father plasma were "still pending."

The plan is to reduce his biological age, as he claims that doctors' tests from early 2023 showed the 46-year-old had the heart of a 37-year-old and the lungs of an 18-year-old.

"We've basically crawled every scientific publication on health-span and lifespan – something like 2,000 publications," he told The Guardian this year. "And we take each study, apply a number of criteria to it – some are animal models, so we make that discernment — and then we prioritise."


So what's the point of doing all this? 

"Don’t die," he replied.

But Bryan has more concerns to worry about than (gasp!) ageing...

Bryan Johnson's ex accuses him of dumping her after cancer diagnosis. 

In a lawsuit, Johnson's former fiancée claimed he left her after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, leaving her without financial support after convincing her to give up her career to support his.

Actress and content creator Taryn Southern started dating Johnson in 2016 and within weeks, she said he was referring to her as "Mrs Johnson". By 2018, they were engaged and living together in California.

Southern filed a lawsuit in October 2021, as obtained by PEOPLE. In the document, Johnson promised to "take care of her, financially and medically, for the rest of her life", she claims.

"Johnson demanded Ms Southern's devotion of her time and creative energy to his personal needs and professional aspirations," it continued, with Southern's attorneys claiming she was "financially dependent" on her former fiancé when she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.

The filing went on to allege that in October 2019, as Taryn was undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments, Johnson demanded that she move out of their home.

"Johnson then took advantage of Ms Southern's weakened and vulnerable state and repeatedly leveraged his power and financial control over Ms Southern to try to get her to give up her rights and the promises she was entitled to: financial security and stability in the future and, specifically, to share in the anticipated success of his start-up company," read the lawsuit.


Southern sought a reported $13.4 million (AUD) in damages for emotional distress and financial losses.

Taryn Southern and Bryan Johnson in 2019. Image: Getty. 

Johnson has since revealed that, two years after the legal proceedings began, the lawsuit is over, with Southern required to pay more than $744,000 (AUD) in legal fees.

In a YouTube video titled 'My Ex-Fiancée Sued Me For [US] $9,000,000', the multimillionaire has shared his side of the story, disputing the claim they broke up after Southern's diagnosis.


"I rearranged my life and worked beside her non-stop to beat it. We flew around the country together exploring clinical trials and meeting with doctors together; together we conducted extensive research into additional therapies and tests," he said.

"It was our shared omnipresent focus." 

In response to reading the 13-page lawsuit, Bryan said he felt "a state of paralysis I've never experienced before". 

He continued, "This is a person whom I had once had the most beautiful relationship with and now she was unrecognisable to me," he said.

"It's very hard to come back from and it felt devastating to me; the accusations felt like an injustice."

While he noted that friends encouraged him to settle the lawsuit, he contested it as he felt a "firm conviction" to defend himself.

"I needed to take this course and now, two-and-a-half years later, it has finally wrapped up – but it has been devastating, it has been costly, it has been stressful," he said.

"I hope this case helps others in a similar predicament."

Because so many of us are millionaires who've been sued by our exes over claims they were dumped after finding out they had cancer...

Stay relatable, Bryan Johnson.

Feature image: Instagram. 

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