One week on from the mass stabbing at Westfield Bondi Junction.

One week on from the Bondi Junction stabbing that killed six innocent people, the community of Sydney has gathered for a candlelit vigil. 

An estimated 4000 people gathered beside Bondi Beach on Sunday evening, including the Prime Minister, NSW Premier and Inspector Amy Scott — who single-handedly shot dead the attacker and prevented further injuries or deaths. 

4000 gathered at Bondi Beach on Sunday. Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty.


Five of the six killed were women — Ashlee Good, 38, Dawn Singleton, 25, Jade Young, 47, Pikria Darchia, 55, and Yixuan Cheng, 27.

Faraz Tahir, a 30-year-old refugee who fled persecution in his native Pakistan, was also killed.

At least 12 others — including nine women — were taken to hospital after suffering stab wounds in the attack. Six remain. 

A choir sang 'Amazing Grace', a minute's silence was held and there were several speeches.


Premier Chris Minns said the exact motives for the attack remain unclear, "But what we can say is that every Australian woman deserves to feel safe in her community. This is your state and your city. This is your home. You have every right to live your life as you choose free from fear of violence. We will not be a state where a woman is forced to change her behaviour because of feelings of anger of other people".

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told mourners, "We mourn for all the years of joy they should have known. All the memories they should have had the chance to make… the happiness they would have created".

Inspector Amy Scott embraces members of the public during the candlelit vigil. Image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty.


An "empty" Westfield reopens to shoppers.

Bondi Junction Westfield reopened to shoppers on Friday, after initially opening on the Thursday for a day of 'reflection.' 

Watched by security guards in protective vests, shoppers laid floral bouquets, donned black ribbons and wrote messages in a condolence book at the shopping centre with the flower offerings in the nearby street entering their thousands.

Attendees at Westfield Bondi Junction's reflection day. Image: Getty.


Ashlee Good's baby is now home.

A nine-month-old baby was among those injured during last weekend's stabbing attack. 

Her mother, 38-year-old Ashlee Good, was among those fatally stabbed. She died in hospital from her injuries after thrusting her daughter into the hands of two brothers who helped stem her bleeding with shirts they pulled off the rack at a nearby shop. 

Ashlee Good was killed in last weekend's attack. Image: Supplied.


Initially in the intensive care unit at Sydney Children's Hospital, the baby underwent surgery for chest and arm injuries.

On Sunday, she was discharged from hospital and returned home with her dad, Dan. 

Friends give update on Dawn Singleton's fiancé.

25-year-old Dawn Singleton was among the victims of the Bondi stabbing attack, with her fiancé — police officer Ashley Wildey — among those who rushed to the scene to help.

The couple were supposed to get married in the coming months, and his friends and police colleagues haven't left Ashley's side all week. 

Dawn Singleton is one of the victims of Bondi Junction attack. Image: Facebook.


Speaking to The Daily Telegraph a close family friend shared, "His police mates have been very, very good – the boys brought around hamburgers, chips and Coke and have stayed with him, talking and making sure he knows he is supported. They don't want to lose him. He is very good at his job".

Dawn is the daughter of businessman John Singleton who learnt of the news of his daughter's death from his friend, media personality Ray Hadley. 

The radio host shared the frantic call he received from last Saturday evening.

"I got a text from Singo about half past six pleading for me to ring him. I didn’t know what it was about," said Hadley.

"I rang him and he said, 'I think my Dawnie is one of those who has lost their life. I can’t confirm it, can you do something?'"

Hadley confirmed the worst with some police contacts and then had to break the news to his mate.

"I had the job of ringing John back and officially confirming that his dear darling daughter had been stabbed to death by this lunatic," he said.


Dawn was an e-commerce assistant at White Fox Boutique. 

Faraz Tahir's community are flying his family members to Australia.

Faraz Tahir was the only male victim of the Bondi stabbings and was working his first shift as a security guard at the shopping centre last Saturday.

His funeral has been confirmed to take place on Friday, April 26th at Sydney's Baitul Huda Mosque two days after what would have been his 31st birthday.


He leaves behind three brothers and two sisters, having previously lost both his parents. His community has rallied to fly members of his family to Sydney for his funeral service.

Faraz Tahir was turning 31 this month. Image: Facebook.

Shiraz Tahir, his younger brother in Pakistan, told SBS Urdu the day of the attack Faraz, "had initially planned to celebrate Eid with friends over the weekend after completing his shift, but sadly, that evening never materialised". 


Shiraz said his brother had a great sense of humour and was looking forward to a "brighter future" in Australia.

Jade Young remembered by her colleagues.

Sydney architect Jade Young has been remembered by her colleagues in an emotional Instagram post.

The 47-year-old leaves behind two young daughters.

She has worked with Georgina Wilson Associates for more than a decade, with the company writing, "I can’t even believe I am writing this, it doesn’t feel real. Jade was part of our GWA team for over 12 years. She was family.

"Anyone who knew Jade knew what a beautiful, kind and warm soul she was. We are completely devastated. All our love goes out to her family. We love you, Jade."


Yixuan was talking on the phone to her fiancé.

Yixuan Cheng was named as the sixth victim of the attack in the days after the stabbing. The University of Sydney has confirmed she was a Chinese national who had been studying at their campus in Australia. 

The 27-year-old was chatting to her fiancé on the phone while enjoying a post-exam outing at Westfield minutes before she was stabbed, the South China Morning Post has shared.

Image: Nine.


It is understood that the families of Cheng and her fiancé were flown to Sydney after hearing the news.

Family of Pikria asks for privacy.

55-year-old Georgian-born Pikria Darchia was among those killed. 

No further details about her have been released and her family has requested privacy.

Pikria Darchia. Images: Supplied.


What have the authorities said about change?

Over the past week, a number of changes and promises have been made in the wake of the attack. 

A major coronial inquiry will focus on the adequacy of NSW's mental health funding and support.

Bolstered by up to $18 million in extra funding, the inquiry will look at the police response and Cauchi's interactions with NSW and Queensland agencies.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said he won't rule out strengthening knife laws.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said there was a gender-based violence crisis in Australia following the Bondi stabbing, backing calls for a royal commission examining the issue.

"I would be happy to support anything at all that sees the incidence reduced, that sees women and children growing up in a safer environment," he told ABC's Insiders program.

"There are a number of factors, and I don't think there is any one solution here, but again, I think social media has a role to play here.

"The computer games young boys are playing where violence is a very significant part of what's being enforced into their minds on a regular basis."

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