Finished Netflix's Sex/Life? Here are 11 other TV shows to watch purely for the sex scenes.

We all have TV shows we watch for different reasons.

The one that’s funny and light-hearted for when we need a laugh, the one that's full of drama to keep us on the edge of our seat… and the one where we get so attached to the characters’ love and sex life that we start to feel warm inside.

You know those ones?

Well, since Netflix's latest raunchy drama Sex/Life captured our attention with a certain R-rated moment, we wanted to be reminded of other TV shows that also had fantastic sex scenes.

Here are just 12 of them.


Where can I watch it? Netflix. 

If you haven't seen Sex/Life yet, here's the trailer. Post continues after video.

Video via Netflix.

Netflix's latest series Sex/Life is basically summed up in the title. It follows stay-at-home-mum-of-two Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) as she navigates her mundane life with 'perfect husband' Cooper, while reminiscing about her wild sex days before she settled down.

The show features a lot of sex and explicit nudity (specifically Australian actor Adam Demos' penis in episode three). Enjoy.

Normal People

Image: Stan.


Where can I watch it? Stan.

The television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s bestselling book follows the slow-burn relationship between young adults, Connell and Marianne.

As it is in the book, sex is a huge part of Connell and Marianne’s on-screen relationship and features heavily in almost every episode.

The sex is real, raw and quite possibly, the most accurate representation we’ve seen on television in a long time.

Sex Education

Image: Netflix.

Where can I watch it? Netflix.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the sex in Netflix's Sex Education is fantastic because it is new, exciting and downright awkward.

For teenagers trying to navigate puberty, emotions and sex, it is quite hilarious to see.

You'll find these scenes both relatable and reassuring to be reminded that it isn't ever how it appears in movies.

Game of Thrones

Image: HBO

Where can I watch it? Binge

The Game of Thrones sex scenes are definitely what you’d call… problematic. Over the course of eight seasons, we’ve witnessed a pretty broad spectrum of messed up sex.

BUT… there have also been lots of intimate and downright steamy sex scenes, too.

Think Ygritte and Jon Snow, Daenerys and Khal Drogo, and Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand (on multiple occasions with multiple people).

How to Get Away with Murder

Image: Netflix.

Where can I watch it? Netflix.

Although How to Get Away with Murder is an intricate, gripping thriller that follows a group of law students who become entwined in a murder plot, they all sleep with each other.


And it makes the show 100 times better.

Laurel and Frank definitely have the steamiest hookups, but look out for Annalise and Nate, Annalise and Eve, and Connor and Oliver.

True Blood

Image: HBO.

Where can I watch it? Binge 

Who remembers True Blood?

It might have been years since the show ended, but if you watched it there is one thing you will always remember: there was sex. A lot of sex.

Think cemetery sex, hate sex, makeup sex, dream sex, bloody sex... the list goes on.

For the characters in True Blood, it seems the only way of resolving an issue was through this form of physical activity.


Image: HBO.

Where can I watch it? Binge 

Lena Dunham's Girls quite possibly turned television upside down. It reinvented the female ensemble cast and showed what real sex actually looks like. And there is plenty of it.

These scenes are uncomfortable and awkward at times, which is bloody refreshing to see.

Peaky Blinders

Image: Netflix.

Where can I watch it? Netflix.

There is one reason and one reason only why Peaky Blinders is on this list: Cillian Murphy.

The actor who plays the lead character of Thomas Shelby is drop-dead gorgeous and when he does shack up with the ladies, it is fantastic.

The L Word

Image: Showtime.

Where can I watch it? Stan.

The L Word focuses on the lives and love interests of lesbians and bisexuals living in Los Angeles.

You see new relationships, breakups and of course, many hookups.

Orange Is the New Black

Image: Netflix.

Where can I watch it? Netflix.

We assume that trying to find a place to have sex in a prison might be difficult, but the characters in Orange Is the New Black always find a way.

It always happens between many different characters... in many different places.

The Affair

Image: Showtime.

Where can I watch it? Stan.

Starring Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson and Dominic West, The Affair is the complex drama that keeps you wanting more.

And as the title suggests, the lead begins cheating on her husband with another man, so of course, the sex scenes are great.


Image: Starz.

Where can I watch it? Netflix.

The historical TV drama follows Claire, a former World War II army nurse, who inadvertently travels through time and falls in love with an 18th-century warrior.

And wow, the scenes between them are toe-curling and leave little to the imagination.

Feature Image: Stan/Netflix.

Which one of these steamy TV shows is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.