'I'm a hairdresser and these are the 5 over-50s hairstyles I always recommend.'

If there's one category our glorious Youbies (You Beauty podcast listeners, for the uninitiated) always request, it's more beauty content for over 50s. More specifically — how to do hair in your 40s and 50s. It's having a major moment.

Recently, we wrote a piece on five of the best haircuts for women over 50, and the best hair colours for women over 50. In fact, Mamamia's very own Holly Wainwright and our beauty contributor Teresa McNamara wrote about what it's like being constantly prescribed an 'age-appropriate' hairstyle.

We've done lots in this space, and one thing always rings true: for many of us, we reach a certain age and we suddenly feel limited to one hairstyle. One haircut. Certain hair colours.

This is, of course, total BS. But that's why you have us.

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Mamamia spoke with Nathan Yazbek, owner of Salon Yazbek and asked him to tell us the top hairstyles he recommends for women over 50.

"There are so many options for women over 50! I always make sure my clients know that their age is just a number and that they should have fun experimenting with their hair, just like any other age group," he told us.


It goes without saying, but hair is a totally individual choice and how you look and feel should never be defined by a number. You should always go for whatever look makes you feel most confident and happy — so, like all other areas of beauty, you do you!

With that in mind, if you're looking for a new way to style your hair and need a little bit of advice, we asked Yazbeck for some of the most common requests for hairstyles. And guess what? He told us. How good!

Yazbek says he sees a lot of short or medium-length cuts that not only create the illusion of fuller hair but also add movement and dimension.

"Mid-length is great as you can get a little more creative, but it can also be easier to deal with than longer hair and it can help the hair look a bit thicker — a big win if there has been any thinning."

Below, you'll find some of the best hairstyle inspo for women over 50, according to a pro.

1. A classic bob.


Yazbek suggests "a classic bob but with a modern twist by adding some bespoke layers". And, yes.

"The bob is timeless for a reason and your hairdresser can create a cut that will complement your face shape and hair textures to make it even more flattering, and means it can be suitable for anyone. If you haven't worked with a bob before, start with a similar style but in a lob (long bob) and work your way up to the bigger chop."

"Add maximum volume to roots for a really sophisticated and put-together look. I love Goldwell StyleSign Root Boost Spray ($34.95). Thinning hair can look limp and won't frame the face properly, but if you are adding in lift at the roots, it also adds height to your face, and lifts and balances your entire look. It always looks so sophisticated and elegant. 

"This is a classic look for any hairdresser to recreate using excellent blow-dry technique so a great one to get done in the salon."

2. Sleek finish.

The popular slicked-back hair trend is going nowhere! If you're seeking a bolder look for going out or going to a special event, Yazbek recommends opting for something like sleek pulled-back finish with a chic deep side part. "This is timeless elegance so has a big impact," he says.

The best part? It can be used on any hair of any texture, and is an easy way to shine a light on your best features. 


"Whether you have straight or wavy hair, this simple yet effective styling part creates a flattering shape for your face, enhancing your natural beauty by creating a rounder silhouette. Your hairdresser can work with your natural texture to make the look unique to you."

3. Tousled waves.

If you're someone who has always rocked long hair, and you're not keen on shifting to a shorter length or getting a little too out of your comfort zone with different styles like the sleek finish, keep in mind that beautiful long, tousled waves never go out of style.


"Personally, I love seeing women who like to experiment! There is this perception that at a certain age, you have to do the big chop, but this just isn’t true," said Yazbak. "Pixies and bobs will always look classic, but there are so many women now embracing having longer hair and working with their hairdresser to ensure their hair is as healthy as possible with regular trims and treatments.

"Longer hair with slightly textured and tousled waves can be incredibly youthful and there is no reason that women in their 50s shouldn't be loving this style as well."

So, rock your long hair!

If you want to add a bit of texture and oomph to your style, Yazbek recommends Goldwell StyleSign Dry Texture Spray ($34.95) as his go-to for "light texture and grip that brushes out beautifully".

4. The half-up, half-down.

Look who's baaack! "The half-up, half-down look is far too often overlooked for this age group," Yazbek told us. "But it is such a powerful style as it has naturally anti-ageing effects."

And honestly, we're all here for something that's going to enhance our facial features.

"The hair pulled back at the base of the eyes instantly lifts your facial features, accentuating your cheekbones and drawing attention to your eyes. This effortless yet polished look provides a subtle facelift effect while showcasing your hair's texture and volume. Your hairdresser can either go sleek and high shine, or more textured and natural."

5. Platinum hair.


Yes, platinum hair! As Yazbek told us, "I think the most challenging thing many women face is the transition to grey and white hair, and the effect that can have on your style. However, we are seeing a lot of women now embracing these beautiful new shades and working with the changing hair texture that comes with it.

"I love seeing stunning platinum shades on longer hair, styled with subtle waves with well-cut and flattering face-shaping layers. Your hairdresser can work with you to make this transition your own as gradually or quickly as you would like."

Are you a fan of any of the above styles? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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