There's a hair length that suits literally everyone. Here's the proof.

Last year we had Cinnamon hair. And laminated brows. And dolphin skin. Every year, celebrities and influencers experiment with new fashion and beauty trends, and it can be hard to know whether something will suit us or is just of-the-moment.

Another great example: the 'flip' hairstyle which has recently become popular again. While it might look incredible on Kim Kardashian, it's a tricky style to pull off in the real, non-Instagram world. Just sayin'.

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But what if we told you we've discovered a haircut that's trendy, timeless, and universally flattering? 

And before you say it won't suit absolutely everyone, hear us out.

Because shoulder-length hair suits absolutely everyone.

Think about it: At some point or another, most of us have had shoulder-length hair. It's easy to manage, a breeze to style, and it's the perfect length - not too short and not too long. Plus, it works for pretty much all colours and textures.

David Connelly, the owner of his eponymous Sydney hair salon, told us there's a very good reason shoulder-length hair is so wearable.

"Shorter hair is so much easier to manage. It sits really well just blast dried with some sea salt spray. Plus, it's effortless and modern - something that is really on-trend with hair at the moment."

"Overworked, voluminous hair has been done - mid-length hair cuts are so chic by comparison," he said.

Here are 16 photos to prove this style really does, as mentioned, look good on everybody.

Convinced? Here's what you should ask for at the salon.

"It’s important to make sure your stylist understands what they’re doing. Check their Instagram to see examples of their work," David explained. 

"Sleek shoulder length hair should (in my opinion) be simple and chic. Not too much layering and texture, otherwise it just ends up looking too 'mumsy'."

Go on, get it done!

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Feature image: Instagram/@mindykaling @vanessahudgens