Sick of being prescribed a mum-cut? Here's 5 of the best haircuts for women in their 50s.

Fact: You can do whatever the hell you want with your hair, no matter what age you are. Also, fact: You're still just as badass (maybe even more so) in your 40s, 50s and 60s. More facts (we hope you're writing this down): There are some unavoidable shifts that pop up the further along we get - including changes to our hair. 

We're talking hair that is thinner, more fragile, wiry, tricky and more prone to colour fading. If you've noticed any of these changes as you've entered your 50s, you're probably wondering about the best kind of haircut to get, yes?

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But here's the thing. When you reach a certain age, hairdressers just start prescribing you a certain cut. You shimmy into the salon all excited and giddy about making a change, and then you end up walking out with something as boring as tuna in springwater. And it does nothing for your cute mug.


What if you don't want a 'mum-cut'? What if you want something different?

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If you're approaching your 50s and seeking inspiration for what to do with your hair, we've got you covered. 

We asked the Head of Education and Talent at Franck Provost, Virginie Gayssot, for her tips on some of the best haircuts for women in their 50s.

1. A fringe.

GASP! A fringe? We hear you shout.

Yes! We think you should totally do it. Bangs are the perfect way to bring dimension to style, especially when you're working with a shorter length or thinner hair. "Freshly cut bangs always make you look younger and help frame your features," said Gayssot. Told you they're cool.

And don't think that fringes aren't for curly-haired girls - cause they can pull it off too (just ask Sandra Oh).

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2. Medium-length layered cut.

When it comes to medium-length cuts, Gayssot said you can't go wrong with a layered lob. It's one of the most popular styles for women of all ages, and for good reason - it flatters all face shapes and is super easy to maintain. 

We love cuts that are simple and no nonsense!

Layers will allow your hairdresser to customise your lob to complement and accentuate your features. 


3. French bob.

According to Gayssot, this look is the easiest way to move away from the 'mum bob' and into something more contemporary. 

"A French bob is a chin-length cut paired with a fringe which usually sits at brow level. It's the perfect cheekbone-skimming hairstyle," she said.

The key to this style? Lotsa glorious volume. "The shorter the hair, the more volume you will have," said Gayssot.

If you've got fine hair and need a root-boot/volume crank-up, try this:  "Avoid limp and lifeless hair by flipping your hair upside down and spraying dry shampoo in the roots for extra volume."

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4. Classic sleek bob.

If bangs and a side of volume aren't quite your cup of tea, why not opt for a chic, sleek bob? And don't think it won't suit you - it's an ageless cut that works on almost all hair types. 

"Short haircuts such as a classic sleek bob are very popular and allow the cheeks and collarbone to shine," adds Gayssot. We can get on board with that.

5. Long hair with layers.

According to Gayssot, long hair can end up weighing down your face and making your features look longer. As a general rule, she suggests always adding layers if you want to hang onto your length (psst... word on the street says long hair is back.)

"Ensure you have long layers to frame the face and always, always make sure your hair is coloured correctly as regrowth ruins any haircut," she said. "The length has to be determined according to your face shape, but in general I love a subtle face-framing layer."


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What to ask your hairdresser.

So, you've soaked up all this juicy information - now what? 

Well, instead of going into the salon and demanding a french bob STAT, Gayssot said to make sure you're opting for a hairstyle that suits your face shape, as well as something that fits in with your lifestyle.

The best way to find out? Ask your hairdresser for some feedback. If you're not good with descriptions (same), don't be afraid to bring in examples of what kind of style you're after - a picture says what you can't.  

If you feel weird about pulling up a picture of a celeb (ahem... Jennifer Aniston for the 45th time), why not bring a photo of yourself with that haircut you once had and really liked? It was cool. Suited you! Felt good! Easy to style! Tell your hairdresser all of these things (what you liked most about it).

"Always ask your hairdresser how you can adapt current hair trends to suit your face shape. Also, always make sure you know which products specifically suit your hair type, i.e. do you need a volumising shampoo?" 

Cause seriously, there's nothing worse than washing your hair post-appointment and finding out you can't tame it. The WORST.

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Would you try any of these haircuts? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.