'I'm hunting for a new everyday foundation. Here are 4 under $40 I'm loving right now.'

But really, does the search ever stop for the best, cheap foundation? Does it? (No).

It's not that I haven't found a foundation that I like. Nah. I like many, many foundations! It's just... I always have this feeling that there's something bigger and better that's quietly waiting riiiight around the corner. Y'know?

It's an expensive issue, and I'm working on it — nevertheless, the search continues, and I've actually recently discovered a tight crowd of (mostly) new, affordable formulas that have become regulars in my makeup routine.

Because as we all know, expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.

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So, I thought I'd share 'em with you.

Here are 4 under $40 foundations I'm loving right now.

Covergirl x Olay Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation, $26.95.

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Lordy, this new formula from Covergirl is GOOD. And I *knew* I'd have a thing for it since I also love the Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless Liquid Foundation version.

Beautifully hydrating and creamy, it's marketed towards 'mature skin' and is really good at blurring and smoothing everything out, without chilling in lines and creases. 

I'm 31, so don't sit in the 'mature' skin category yet, but I do sit in the 'thirsty skin with zero hydration' category, and this is just perfect.

It contains a big swirl of moisturiser throughout the formula (a hyaluronic acid and vitamin C complex) and is just so comfortable and delightful on the face. It evens, without feeling too heavy. Provides decent coverage. Gives you a little glow without the Slick Rick vibes. 


It can be a bit annoying/messy with the pot situation but it's a great everyday pick that's also nice and affordable — it's $26.95 but you can pick it up from Chemist Warehouse for $15. So cheap! 

Revlon Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation, $36.49.

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Ask anyone with a face, and they'll agree that the buzz around hybrid skincare meets makeup products is going nowhere. And just about every one of my picks is all the proof you need — like this newbie from Revlon

It pranced across my desk a while ago, and it's taken me approximately TOO long to try it — because everyone's raving about it and now I can see why. Turns out, it's actually very good.


It contains dry skin-friendly ingredients like squalene to lock moisture and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and offers the benefits of both worlds — supporting skin health and providing coverage where and when you need it.

It's super lightweight, medium-to-buildable and leaves your skin with a beautiful radiant finish, blurring redness, spots and uneven tone like a dream. Also, has a pump! I love pumps. 

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation, $39.

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Have you tried this? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! This foundation from The Body Shop has no business being this nice on the face. I'm slow to the party, but I finally got my hands on it recently, and it's been on heavy rotation ever since.

It gives you medium coverage (it's also totally buildable) and the finish is radiant and glowy. Rather than that gross stage paint feeling, it feels lovely and breathable on the skin. In fact, it feels just like a moisturiser. 

When I'm wearing this, my skin feels comfortable and hydrated the whole day, and there's no silly business when it comes to patchiness, etc., as the day wears on.

It has a teeny... shovel-like... applicator to scoop the formula out and place it on the skin. And look, it's not my favourite way to apply foundation (again, I love a no-touchy pump situation), but that's my only qualm.

All in all, the formula itself feels like a much fancier foundation, without the price tag. It's become one of my most favourite foundations, ever.

MCoBeauty Miracle Hyaluronic Tinted Serum, $35.

Image: Supplied.


She had me at 'hyaluronic'. Another dreamy skincare-meets-makeup formulation, this guy from MCoBeauty is really bloody lovely on the skin. 

The formula has a runny consistency (the applicator is a little pipette) and gives a radiant, non-matte finish. It hydrates and plumps the skin (just as a hyaluronic acid serum would) while giving off a sheer, comfortable lightweight finish. 

I very much enjoy it and think it lasts beautifully — no patchiness, flakiness or any of that usual dry skin-associated BS. Just very nice, glowy coverage.

And there we have it! Four cheap foundations that are actually really good.

Okay bye, see you soon, love the hair xx

What's your everyday foundation? Go on. Share with us in the comment section below.

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