8 easy ways to get glowing skin without looking like a sweaty mess.

Summer in Australia is like no other – lazy beach days, an abundance of juicy mangoes, lunches that turn into dinners, and your dad watching cricket on the TV for several weeks straight. 

It also means long stretches of very sweaty weather, which can provoke a touch of strife for us glow-seeking beauty lovers. 

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Anyone who knows me, knows I am ALL about the glow. A dewy, hydrated look calls my name every damn day of the week, and who am I to resist the call?!  

However, in an Aussie summer, we need a few beauty hacks to make sure that dewy look doesn't slide right off our faces. 

1. Prep thy skin.

Makeup is truly lost without her ride or die bestie – skincare. When it comes to summer beauty,  nothing competes with the natural radiance that comes from a solid pre-makeup skincare routine

In the warmer months, I opt for light, hydrating formulas that sink into my skin fast whilst still keeping it radiant. Currently, I’m following my morning cleanse with Aspect’s Extreme C Vitamin C Serum, Drunk Elephant’s B Hydra Serum and then Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser.

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If I have a few spare minutes up my sleeve, I’ll also throw a sheet mask into the mix to really amp up the hydration, like Go-To’s Transformazing Sheet Mask

Aspect’s Extreme C20 Serum, $135.

Image: Aspect Extreme C20 Serum 


Drunk Elephant B Hydra Serum, $77.

Image: Drunk Elephant B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum 

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser, $62.

Image: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer 


Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask, $9.

Image: Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask  

2. Sunscreen is your best friend.

Nothing screams 'eternal summer glow' like sun protection. It’s 2021 (that feels shocking to type) so we’ve all been schooled on the perils of sun damage. Long story short – it’s not worth it. 

There is absolutely no shortage of luminous, make-up friendly sunscreens these days, so finding one to suit your skin is easier than it’s ever been. 

In summer, I reach for Ultraviolette’s Queen Screen. She's the perfect consistency and leaves no silly oily mess. Plus, it makes the perfect primer!


Image: Supplied 

Ultraviolette’s Queen Screen, $42.

Image: Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum 


3. Ace the low-key base.

Once your skin is prepped and protected, it’s time to ace the base! Less is more when it comes to foundation during the sweaty season. 

If you’re someone who likes to prime, pick one that’s suited to your skin type - particularly if you're on the oilier side. Go in with a light base all over, then just pop some concealer on any areas where you'd like more coverage. 

This tip is simple, but very effective! Not only does it mean that there’s less product to move around in the heat, but it means your skin can breathe a little more. I like to pair Mecca Max Off Duty BB Cream with Revolution Beauty Conceal and Define Concealer.

Mecca Max Off Duty BB Cream, $20.

Image: Mecca Max Off Duty BB Cream With SPF 15 

Revolution Beauty Conceal and Define Concealer, $8.

Image: Revolution Beauty Conceal and Define Concealer 


4. Lock that look down.

How does one preserve all that glow without obliterating it with a matte setting powder?! Why an illuminating setting powder, of course! Gone are the days of having to lock your foundation in with layer cakes of heavy powder. 

Grab a light, glow-boosting powder and dust it across the parts of your face that tend to build the most oil. For me, that’s my forehead, nose and chin. My go-to is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Image: Supplied 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, $77.

Image: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder 


5. Bronze it up.

Remember how we mentioned that sun damage isn’t worth it? This is especially true when it’s so easy to radiate a faux sun-kissed glow. Incorporating a tanning serum into your nightly skincare routine can help to build a gradual tan over time – like the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops.

Need to bronze it up, stat? Reach for a long-wearing powder, like this one from NARS

Image: Supplied 


Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops, $42.

Image: Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops 

NARS Bronzing Powder, $60.

Image: NARS Bronzing Powder 

6. Highlight… but with powder.

Liquid highlights certainly know how to bring life to the face, but they’re not the sturdiest as the mercury rises. If you’d like that cheek bone to BEAM when the light hits it (I know I sure do) opt for a pigmented powder highlight. 


I sweep Mecca Cosmetica’s Enlightened Lit from Within Powder across the high points of my face, and it doesn’t budge all day. If you’re after a little extra colour in your cheeks, you can switch your highlighter out for a blush-highlighter hybrid, like Mecca Max’s Chic Cheek Blush Powder.  

Image: Supplied 

Mecca Cosmetica Enlightened Lit from Within Powder, $48.

Image: Mecca Cosmetica Enlightened Lit From Within Powder 


Mecca Max Chic Cheek Blush Powder, $24.

Image: Mecca Max Chic Cheek Blush Powder 

7. Waterproof your peepers  

Summer is the silly season, so there’s typically no shortage of occasions for a fun eye look. There’s nothing worse than your on-point eyeshadow creasing away as the heat rolls in, so opt for products that can stand the heat! 

Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Stick and The Body Shop’s Eye Colour Sticks are my tried and tested picks for a sizzling, sparkly, not-slippery eye. It’s also a great chance to give the coloured eyeliner trend a crack with these smudge-proof Mecca Max Zoom Liners

I'm not a huge user of waterproof mascara, so I tend to opt for a clear brow and lash gel in summer. The Body Shop’s Brow and Lash Gel helps me look refreshed without the fear of a smudged mess. Bonus points because I can use it to style my brows too!

Image: Supplied 


Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Stick, $37.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Stick. 

Mecca Max Zoom Liners in Baby Blue, $17.

Image: Mecca Max Zoom Liners in Baby Blue 


The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick, $19.

Image: The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick 

The Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel, $19.

Image: The Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel 


8. Pop on a statement lip.

Last but certainly not least, a bright lip is a summer staple. One of the easiest ways to look awake and oh-so put together with minimal effort, swiping on a pop of lip colour is sure to deal the radiant deal. 

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Beso has serious staying power, and Gucci Beauty’s Matte Rouge in Queen Christina or Patricia Pink barely leave my lips all summer – literally.

Image: Supplied 

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lip in Beso, $35.

Image: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 


Gucci Beauty Matte Rouge in Queen Christina, $57.

Image: Gucci Beauty Matte Rouge in Queen Christina 

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