LEIGH CAMPBELL: I built an awesome six-step skincare routine. From the chemist. For under $100.

I don’t believe in New Year's resolutions because I reckon they just set me up to fail and then I feel even worse about the ‘thing’ than I did before.

So, less of a resolution and more of a goal, something I am working towards in 2021 is trying to spend less money.

You see, I am VERY GOOD at spending money. Excellent at it. And I feel some of you Youbies might be the same.

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And when it comes to beauty it’s easy for me because I get to trial a lot of products for free, but not everyone has that perk of the job. Plus, one day I won't be a beauty editor and I’ll be a regular customer staring at the shelves, working out what to spend my hard-earned dollars on.

So if and when that time happens, or if ever I forget my beauty bag when packing for a holiday, the below is the perfect skincare routine I’d pop into Priceline or Chemist Warehouse and pick up. With change from a hunge. 

(Oh, and keep in mind that these are the full retail prices. You can almost always get these products cheaper on sale, which means more money left over for a McFlurry on top of your Quarter Pounder meal.)

Cleanser: BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution 100 ml, $11.99.

If you’ve been a Youbie for a while you’ll know how much I love this stuff. 

I use it as my whole cleansing step, no other cleanser used at all. It’s super gentle and really effective at taking away makeup, sunscreen and general face gunk. 

I use it at night to take the day off and a gentle swipe in the morning, too, before skincare. 

Exfoliation: NIP+FAB Vitamin C Scrub Fix 75 ml, $19.99.

Image: Supplied. 


I’d use this as my once-or-twice weekly exfoliation. 

It’s granular but not in an old school way that might damage skin. Coffee seed extract and vitamin C brighten and work on fine lines while the coconut oil makes sure hydration is taken care of. 

Work it over the face in circular motions for a minute or so before rinsing. 

Serum: REVOLUTION SKINCARE 2% Hyaluronic Acid Plumping & Hydrating Solution 30 ml, $12. 

Image: Supplied. 

Applied on damp skin (water from the tap is perfect), this hyaluronic acid serum is going to lock in moisture which in turn will help plump the complexion and any fine lines that might be caused by dehydration. It won't make you photosensitive either, so you can use it morning, night or both. 

Oil: JOJOBA COMPANY Australian Jojoba 30 ml, $19.99. 

Image: Supplied. 


I love me some oil, specifically Jojoba, because it’s great on all skin types. 

Hydrating yes, but it’ll also help even out oil production on oily skin and help fight breakouts thanks to its antibacterial properties. What can’t it do?! 

Jojoba oil can be used morning and night, though I keep it for night as it’s a bit too heavy under makeup for my skin type. 

Moisturiser: Sukin Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser 125ml, $15.

Image: Supplied. 


A top quality nourishing moisturiser is like the butter on your bread - essential to a good sandwich. The sandwich here is your skincare routine. I’m not sure this is the greatest analogy but just nod along.

This cream is moisturising but absorbs nicely, and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. It goes well over serums and under sunscreen, which is the all important test. Oh, and it’s a night and dayer, too. 

SPF: Sunsense Moisturising Daily Face spf 50+ Sunscreen 100ml, $14.99.

Image: Supplied. 

This facial sunscreen feels more like a moisturiser than it does a traditional SPF, probably because it offers legit skincare benefits. 

Lightweight, really nice under foundation and the highest protection, I reckon the peeps at Sunsense are selling themselves short with the $15 price tag here. Such a lovely product. 

All that for $93.96. Amazing huh! And see? I told you there’d be room left for lunch. 

Feature Image: Instagram / @leighacampbell

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