The 7 new beauty trends to know in 2024 (and the ones to ditch).

A new year on the way means new beauty trends. And while the mere thought of shaking up your usual routine might make you feel overwhelmed and nervy — 2024 is looking like a real winner and not too scary, we promise. Actually, it's looking pretty fun. Edgy. Cool.

In fact, we reckon you really might like some of these new beauty trends. Yes, really. And seeing as you're a trendy little squid who clicked on this article, you could be following most of them already.

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To keep you ahead of the curve, we've rounded up the biggest new makeup, hair and skincare trends you need to know about for the year ahead. From '60s-inspired beauty to a nostalgic hair accessory and AI, here are the top beauty trends that will blow up in 2024 — and the ones we're leaving behind.

1. Beauty AI.

It's no secret that AI blew up in 2023, where brands started to experiment and dip their toes in innovative technology. However, according to Cosmetics Business report, it's expected to supercharge the beauty industry in the year ahead.

Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer at AI and AR solutions company Perfect Corp, told Cosmetics Business: "As we look to the future into 2024 and beyond, generative AI will be at the forefront of technology innovation and will continue to enable new and exciting experiences in beauty."


From virtual makeup artist consultations to 'touch and try' buying experiences and highly personalised, data-driven product recommendations — beauty AI is expected to explode in 2024.

2. Metallics.

Metallic makeup is going to be more popular than ever this year. But not as you know it. From chrome and cool silver eyeshadow hues to mirrored nail polish, according to Pinterest, the new version of metallics is a chic step up from what you know. Think: shiny, wet, and polished.


Pinterest said, "Cool silver tones and bold chrome are resonating right now. Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as people trade in their trusty neutrals for something a bit more hardcore. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this heavy metal aesthetic."

The best part? It's a super-versatile trend, and you can easily incorporate it into your look, whether you want to go bold or subtle.

3. Blue makeup.

According to our friends at Pinterest, '60s beauty is going to be all the rage — specifically, blue makeup.

"Aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever. In 2024, Gen Z and Millennials will search for ‘blue glam make-up’ and 'pastel blue eyeshadow' as they find ways to incorporate this 60s staple into their modern beauty routines. The best part? This blue hue looks striking on all skin tones," said Pinterest.

If the thought of aquamarine eye shadow feels a little too bold for you, for a more subtle take on this trend, you could try blue eyeliner or mascara à la Princess Diana, jump on 'blueberry milk nails' manicure or have fun with blue hair accessories.

4. Bow stacking.


According to Pinterest, 2024 will be the year of the bow. Yes, the beloved bow is back — and we're already feeling a little nostalgic. 

"Millennials and Gen Z will embrace the art of ‘bow stacking’ as they adorn their outfits, shoes, hair and jewellery with this oh-so-delicate detail. Bow large or bow small, next year brings bows for all," said Pinterest.

No matter what way you wear it, when it comes to beauty its hands-down the easiest way to elevate your everyday hair look without making too much of an effort. Blair Waldorf, eat your heart out.

5. Oversized hair.

Off the back of the '60s makeup revival, we're also going to be seeing big, oversized hair making a major comeback. So, get out that teaser comb. Pinterest said, "In addition to fluffy hair, the trend includes large buns or braids."


You can achieve the look by using texturing and volumising products, heat tools (like blow dry brushes or curling tongs) and teasing techniques to create big, dramatic hair.

6. Jellyfish haircut.

'Jellyfish haircut' — that controversial bold, layered style — was up a whopping 615 per cent on Pinterest, with more and more people looking to make a serious hair statement.


The haircut mimics (you guessed it) the shape of a jellyfish, and features two blunt layered cuts. The first layer is usually a sharp bob, and the second is a longer layer underneath. It basically blends two different cuts into one style.

It's a pretty bold chop, we're not going to lie, but there is a softer version if you want to go for an edgy vibe without the harsh angles — just ask your hairdresser to blend out the layers into more of a shag style. 

7. Body care.

According to Pinterest, body care will have a major moment in 2024. And honestly, we love to see it — it's about time we gave our cute bods some love.

Pinterest said, "Boomers and Gen Z will double down on luxury lotions, in-home spa experiences and some serious SPF. Because skincare from the neck down just boosts that oh-so-important TLC."

Many facial skincare brands are already leaning into body care offerings (from Emma Lewisham to CeraVe and Naturium), and there's already a rise in targeted treatments for concerns like body acne and keratosis pilaris — so, watch this space.

What do you think of the new-school beauty trends for 2024? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Pinterest/@laurphend /@y_yjenny, Instagram/@jordandaniels_

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