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babble February 8, 2024

@simple simon people are like this across cultures and it is rude and insensitive. My husband and I were together 8 years before we had kids. Often people would say that I was too career orientated - what was wrong with getting promoted.?  Then in the last 2 years without kids,  we were on IVF and so the constant questions about kids really  hurt me. Then we had 4 kids  and that still did not shut them up - it was then things like ‘better you than me’. 

I will never ask someone if they want to be married or if they want kids   It’s none of my business and I could be unintentionally causing someone hurt. 

babble February 7, 2024

@beachhouse84 maybe she doesn’t want to pay 10 people it’s her child maybe she does. It doesn’t mean that she isn’t emotionally impacted by having a child.

babble February 7, 2024

I didn’t see anywhere in the article where Holly stated that she wished no one knew that she was in neighbours. I think it’s more fact that she has gone on to do a lot of different things and married ultra net worth man, that distances her from neighbours but haven’t we all had our first job that we don’t necessarily relate to any more? 

babble February 7, 2024


Not a Swifty but I can see how this could happen when you are in shock. I thinks it’s blown out of proportion.  A true snub would have been walking up to her taking the award and moving on.  You could feel her excitement in the clip. 

babble February 5, 2024

@mamamia-user-405278599 depends on how soften you use them and your body shape. I live in the tropics and would pay up to $200 for bathers because I wear them so much. Also I have a curvy body shape and will pay for supportive well structured bathers. I really like these but the top is too low cut for me  

babble February 1, 2024

I support the bride on this one. How hard is it not to take a photo when you have been asked to not take a photo. 

babble January 24, 2024

Thank you for writing this. It resonated with me after reading those other stories. My family and in laws are fine but I ghosted a friend of 20+ years because i couldn’t handle their behaviour anymore. They also don’t understand why. They never will. 

babble January 18, 2024

I do wonder about the effect of these ingredients on their skin. I didn’t need anything along these lines at this age. Parensts are presumably paying for it though. 

babble January 17, 2024

Thank you for sharing. When I found out that I was pregnant with babies 3 and 4  I kept hoping that I would miscarry because I was so overwhelmed with the idea of that many young children. A lot of my pregnancy was filled with dread. I got mental help and also home support and am glad that I continued with the pregnancy. However I understand how someone can think like that and would never judeg anyone for whatever decision they made. 

babble January 13, 2024

I have bought and sold homes in qld and vic. I got insurance from the date of the contract in each instance. My view was that the cost of premium was worth the peace of mind. Also a lot of insurers give you the contract period free. 

babble December 30, 2023

@lolacola12 I prefer it that way. They all loathe each other and we skate through. 

babble December 21, 2023

I think the issue these days is that a lot of parents are enablers. My parents couldn’t afford the 19880s versions of these things and also didn’t feel the need to be my best friend. I am better for it. If your kids wants everything and does t understand that you can’t afford it then it’s an issue between you and them - social media will always be there you need to parent around it. 

babble December 17, 2023

For me I it seems logical to exclude the children. Their business  is not being a royal family unlike his brother where the business is the family. 

babble December 16, 2023

I am a frequent traveller and I get annoyed by people taking up my overhead space with their capacious bags that clearly should be checked. Some of the bags I see are ridiculous in size. Personally I check my luggage. Yes o have had things not arrive a couple of times, however the majority of the time all is as it should be. 

babble December 9, 2023

This is a difficult one. If it was a close friend then I would work out a way to say something. If it was someone in a wider social circle I would stay out of it. 

babble December 9, 2023

If I were the author I would seek friends in a similar demographic. It is easier to live without envy. 

babble December 1, 2023

I still don’t think that wondering what an unborn baby may look like is racist. It may be offensive depending on the delivery but that is about it. 

babble November 28, 2023

I would not make my kid hand out a card to someone who had been abusive to them. Full stop. 

babble November 27, 2023

It’s a shame people just can’t let other people live the life they want to without feeling like it’s an indictment on their own. It’s similar going to. A party and refusing a drink. People take it personally

babble November 26, 2023

Secret Santa should be $20 or about that. People should be able to opt out.