An on-set feud and trying to get Kim back: All the And Just Like That gossip in one place.

The much anticipated Sex And The City reboot is finally here. 

Last week, And Just Like That brought Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (yes, no Samantha!) back to our screens, and this time around we're getting to see these characters navigate life in Manhattan in their 50s.

But, as all the best shows do, there's a whole lot of behind-the-scenes gossip we need to unpack now, thank you very much.

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From a brand-spanking-new on set feud to faked scenes, we've got a lot to discuss. 

And it goes without saying: Spoilers ahead.

A new on-set feud.

By now, we should all be very familiar with a particular feud that went down between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall that meant there would be no Samantha in this 2021 reboot.   

(Oh, if you're not, you can read about it here.)

But as it so happens, it might not be the only feud in the SATC franchise.

According to pop culture Instagram account, Deuxmoi, an extra on set spotted some tension between co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Nicole Ari Parker, A.K.A. Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte's new friend, Lisa Todd Wexley.

“A friend who was an extra on And Just Like That told me that Cynthia Nixon and Nicole Ari Parker did not get along well during filming,” the anonymous account wrote.

Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi 


Is there the remotest verification on this one? No. But what's a little more goss, right?

Samantha's storyline is going to develop even more.

It looks like Samantha's time with the Sex And The City franchise is far from over yet.

According to a source from the Daily Mail, we'll see Carrie and Samantha's fall-out unravel over all ten episodes of the series.

"You'll see as the series progresses over the 10 episodes that Carrie misses her friend and wants to repair the relationship," they said.

"In the words of Oscar Wilde, life imitates art."

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Sounds crazy right? But there's a very interesting reason as to why they're keeping Samantha as a key part of the plot.

...The And Just Like That team is hoping she'll come back for season two.

Kim Cattrall has made her position on returning to the SATC franchise as clear as it gets, but writers aren't convinced just yet.

"We'll announce eventually that the show will have a second season," an insider told the Daily Mail.  

"It will be quite a while between the first and second series as Sarah Jessica Parker has a busy schedule and we have a lot of work to do to get Kim Cattrall back.

"We all miss [her] and we hope she comes back for the second season – the door will never close on her, she is an important part of the franchise," they added.

... A very interesting development indeed.

Some scenes were faked to throw us off.

As mentioned, And Just Like That was long anticipated. 

That's why the cast and production team tried to throw paps off with staged fake scenes that would distract from the real stuff.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis sheepishly explained that they might have done so when asked by the host.

"There are rumours that you guys actually shot fake scenes around New York to throw people off the scent," Colbert said.

"Yes. Yes, definitely," Davis replied quickly, before being interrupted by Nixon who said "absolutely not," before adding that "it might be true".

"We want the fans to enjoy the show, I think that's the important part." Davis said. 

 "We don’t want them to know — we don’t want them to read the CliffsNotes beforehand," Nixon added.


Aidan Shaw will be making an iconic return.

Now that Big is out of the picture, it looks like Carrie's old fling, Aidan Shaw, will be making his return to the franchise.

“I’m going to do the show,” John Corbett told Page Six back in April.

... And it looks like he'll be in "quite a few" episodes. Image: SATC. 

We're not one to speculate, but that certainly sounds like a relationship revival if we've ever seen one.

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