"We were made to feel ashamed." How Amanda Keller really felt after this year's Logies.


Amanda Keller has reflected on how Tom Gleeson’s controversial Gold Logie speech made her feel “ashamed” in a segment on Andrew Denton’s Interview on Tuesday night.

The radio host and television presenter shared with Denton that it wasn’t the fact Gleeson won the award that was so disappointing, it was his speech which left her “unimpressed”.

“There was a lack of graciousness,” Keller told Denton on the Channel 7 show.

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In the lead up to the Gold Coast event, the comedian and host of Hard Quiz sledged his fellow nominees in a brutal campaign and throughout his winning speech he constantly referred to the entire awards ceremony as a joke.

“I see what Tom did, he wanted to make it a joke and I get that. I thought it was unfortunate though that we were made to feel that we [the nominees] were needy, or up ourselves for wanting it or for thinking that it mattered.

“I didn’t mind that I didn’t win,” the 57-year-old admitted. “I had been nominated the year before and didn’t win. That’s fine.”

Keller said this year, however, “felt more personal”.

“Every interview I did I was asked about what Tom had said about us and the comedic firing he’d done at us all. It wasn’t an easy process,” she said.

“I think we were made to feel ashamed for being in the television industry and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Keller added that she worried his speech undermined the value of the Australian television industry.


“With Netflix and HBO, eating into all of this stuff, we should be celebrating the Australian television industry. Every other industry has an awards night, why are we made to look foolish for caring at our own?”

The radio host then compared how Gleeson, 45, approached winning the accolade to those before him.

Carrie Bickmore changed the world when she won gold; she’s raised $20 million for brain cancer research. Grant Denyer spoke so beautifully about redemption and redefining yourself and Waleed [Aly] has spoken about inclusiveness.

“You don’t have to make a deep speech,” she continued. “It doesn’t have to be that, but I don’t think we should be ashamed for having it mean something.”

In the lead up to the Logies, Keller was interviewed on Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, which is hosted by Mia Freedman.

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“It’s a funny night – it’s a long night,” she told Freedman. “People have always laughed at the Logies. But at the same time, they are all we have for television awards… If the public vote for you, that’s a big deal and I wish people would let it be a big deal.”

She added, “Tom and Sam [Mac] are treating it – and fair enough too if they want to – like this comedy competition. Tom’s like the school bully picking us all off. It’s a different feeling and I’m not very good at it.”

Mamamia also interviewed Gleeson on the Logies red carpet, and when asked about Keller, he replied: “I’ll tell her [tonight] that if she wins, I’ll buy you dinner, and blow smoke up your arse for the whole dinner, and if I win, I’ll buy your dinner and I’ll apologise”.

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