Waleed Aly wins the Logie for Best Presenter. Makes the most perfect tribute to his wife.

Project co-host Waleed Aly has made a touching acceptance speech after winning the silver Logie for Best Presenter.

Humble and honest, Aly floored viewers as he thanked his mother and wife for shaping, supporting and challenging him into becoming the man he is today.

Our Podcast Director Monz was on the Logies red carpet … handing out clean undies. You can watch the full video below.

Aly began with a simple yet soulful acknowledgement of his mother.

“I’m going to begin by acknowledging mum, actually, because it’s mother’s day and she’s probably the most significant person in shaping me and me being here,” he said.

Aly then brought some of his much-loved humour into his dedication.

“I hope she’s not watching this – she should be currently out, having a mothers day dinner with her good son,” he said.

(Source: Screenshot: Channel 9.)

Aly's dedication to his mother was sweet but it took only a few sentences about wife Susan Carland before his voice began to break.

"I just want to begin with a customary parade of thanks and noting my wife, Susan, who I'm so rapt to be here tonight," he said.

Susan spoke to Monz and Laura on The Binge today about everything Logie related. Including what it was like when Waleed professed his love for her on live tv.

The cameras then panned to a teary-eyed but smiling Carland before Aly continued.


"...and she's um, she's going to kill me for making sure the cameras are focused on her at that point," he said.

Aly then made an ode to Carland that rendered his voice to crackle and break.

"She's a seriously a huge source of support for me but she's so much more than that - a challenge, a provocation and an inspiration," he said.

"It's a privilege to be able to share my life with you so thank you very much."

Aly ended his speech by thanking the producers of The Project and his co-hosts Carrie Bickmore and Peter Helliar.

"I've always believed the best place you could possibly be is in a room surrounded by people better than you," he said.

"So thank you very much."

Waleed Aly was also nominated for the Gold Logie for his presenting role on The Project.

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