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Five clues from the latest trailer about what's about to go down on Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni have once again travelled to Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise and we already know that a lot went down when they got there.

After two explosive trailers – one which showed a heated confronted between former couple Alex Nation and Richie Strahan, and another that pointed to Brooke Blurton sharing a secret about the Honey Badger – we have a third, extended trailer with even more drama.

Watch the full trailer for Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

Here are just a few of the events the one-and-a-half-minute clip alludes to:

It looks like something might happen between Cat and Richie

We see Cat Henesey-Smith warn, it looks like, Rachael Gouvignon, that she’s keen on pursuing Richie Strahan.

“I know you’re going to hate this, but like I’m quite interested in Richie,” Cat says in the trailer.

It could be a sign they become a couple – or at least go on a date.

Image via Channel 10.

Alex and Brooke hook up

The trailer opens with Alex Nation kissing someone, who the sleuths of the world have deduced is probably Bill - who featured on Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette.

"If the kiss is electric and amazing and you really feel it, you're on. I'm on."

But she could be talking about either Bill or Brooke Blurton, as we are also shown them leaning in to kiss.

There's something unresolved between Rachael and Richie

Three seasons (and also years) have passed since Richie Strahan sent Rachael Gouvignon home after visiting her in their home town of Perth. But it seems like that might not have been enough time for Rachael.

rachael paradise
Image via Channel 10.

The fitness influencer looks absolutely shocked when she sees Richie walk in - which could just her being a tad dramatic. Or it could be a sign that something went down between them that hasn't been resolved.

We might just learn how and why Alex and Richie broke up

Speaking of Richie and exes - it looks like the ropesman and his girlfriend of a year, Alex, are going to clash.

We can see from the trailer that they're going to have at least one (hopefully more) tense discussion at a picnic table.

Image via Channel 10.

"So you're obviously sitting there saying that you were perfect in our relationship?" Alex says to Richie.

He replies: "No one's perfect, Alex. I'm not saying that. Don't put words in my mouth Alex."

When the Bachelor couple ended their relationship in 2017, it was among rumours that Alex has started dating a teammate from her women's footy team. But we never found out if it was Alex's attraction to her future girlfriend Maegan Luxa that split them up, or something else.

Now, we might just get the full story.

Brooke is going to drop a secret about Honey Badger

It's happening. Brooke has a secret about Nick Cummins and she is going to share it.

Brooke is going to tell a group of the women who also put their hearts on the line for the Honey Badger "something I probably shouldn't tell you".


Which will probably come as shock to Cass Wood, Cat Hennesy, Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Shannon Baff, who are all reuniting in paradise.

We don't know what the secret is - though we have our thoughts - we just know it's something the nonsense-speaking rugby star is going to "hate" her for.

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