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NOT A DRILL: The first Bachelor in Paradise love triangle rumour has just landed.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

*Excitedly sips a mango daiquiri*

It looks like a very juicy Bachelor in Paradise rumour and we are listening.

Now to Love has lifted the lid on an intriguing tale from the depths of Fiji and look, we’ll admit we’re surprised by the choices here, but we’re going to entertain it anyway.

(Purely in the hopes it’ll help our Bachie withdrawal symptoms subside until March.)

It involves the first ~love triangle~ of the season and we have never been more grateful for those dedicated spies hiding behind palm trees in Fiji.

As the rumour goes, according to an anonymous source – the first love triangle will involve Alex Nation (Richie’s former flame), Florence Moerenhout (from Matty J’s season of the Bachelor – who all but confirmed her BIP casting last week) and… Bill (from the latest Bachelorette, and who was spotted in Fiji in the past weeks by Daily Mail).

As in Bill, whose name was once David.

As in Charlie Newling’s arch nemesis.

As in the guy who took Ali Oetjen on perhaps the most awkward home visit in Bachie history.

Apparently Bill “hits it off” with Alex, but Florence reportedly swoops in for a shot at the Melbourne plumber.


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Waiting for Ali to sneak up on me before I show her around home (get ready to meet Arnie ????)????7.30 tonight #bachelorette #bacheloretteau

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Here’s what we know (and by “know” we mean this could be completely made up but maybe not):

“Bill and Alex seem to hit it off but then Flo comes into the picture and sets her sights on Bill,” the insider told Now To Love.


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Chilli con carne in a dumpling? ‘Nuff said. ???????????? @drumplings

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BUT – because former Bachelor contestants all attend group therapy together (we assume) Bill and Florence have actually met before, the publication reports.

…Which means that *maybe* something was a-brewin’ before the filming even started.



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You did not receive a rose, please take some time to say goodbye???? #bottemlessbrunchtings

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In the interest of keeping the Bachie rumour wheel’s mechanisms spinning freely until March rolls around, here’s what else we know about BIP:

Channel 10 has confirmed Cass Wood and Brooke Blurton for the season, but we have reasons to believe things don’t go so well for Brooke. What reasons, you ask? She posted a photo on Instagram suggesting she leaves the show early on. Very solid evidence.

We’re pretty sure exes Alex Nation and Richie Strahan are both making a comeback to the franchise but they might not have known they would be bumping into each other there. This whole situation screams drama and to that we say: yes please.

It’s also been rumoured that Sam Cochrane could be returning to the series for a second time, after breaking off his engagement to Tara Pavlovic.

Along with: Cat Henesey-Smith, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Shannon Buff and Vanessa Sunshine from Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, and Nathan Favro from Ali Oetjen’s recently concluded Bachelorette season.


Of course, none of these contestants have been confirmed, but can we please take a minute to appreciate how great it would be to see Vanessa Sunshine on our screens again?

Vanessa Sunshine Twitter reactions The Bachelor 2018
We miss you.

We can already picture the poolside realness.

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