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The "grubby details" of Alex and Richie's breakup we're about to see on Bachelor in Paradise.


Over the last week, Channel 10 has been drip-feeding us the names of the Bachelor in Paradise Australia cast for 2019 – as well as trailers that promise plenty of drama.

(And dear god, we hate to admit but we’ve never been so excited to watch ex-ex-reality TV contestants swanning about on a free holiday to Fiji).

We know we’re set for a fiery confrontation between exes Alex Nation and Richie Strahan, in which the “grubby details” of their relationship breakdown will come out. (We hope.)

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise trailer. Post continues after video.

In one trailer, as Richie walks into paradise, he tells Osher: “I was obviously in a relationship with Alex and, well, the circumstances of that breakup were quite brutal.

“I don’t know if Australia’s ready for the grubby details surrounding it,” he adds.

Richie, don’t worry – we’re ready. And waiting.

But it looks like we don’t have to wait until Bachelor in Paradise starts (WHEN WILL THAT BE CHANNEL 10?!) because a new report by New Idea magazine claims to have all the details.


The magazine claims that financial issues and the strain of a long distance relationship between Alex, who lives in Melbourne, and Richie, who’s based in Perth, were the cause of the couple’s demise.

Five months into their long-distance relationship, Alex apparently begged Richie to relocate to Melbourne as she was going through “dark times and a medical complication”.

But Richie reportedly refused as he was “struggling with money at that time” and would only fly to Melbourne for paid appearances.

“He didn’t want to keep spending money on flights unless they were getting paid for it,” a ~friend~ told the magazine.

But the relationship imploded when Alex reached out to her ex-boyfriend for support and even though it was innocent, as the magazine reports, Richie was furious when he found out – labelling Alex’s actions “grubby”.

“It sealed their fate, really, and they never saw each other again after that,” the alleged source told the magazine.

That is, until they discover each other on Bachelor in Paradise, of course.

And we can’t bloody wait to watch it all unfold on our screens with a mango daiquiris in hand.


In case you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of the Richie/Alex drama to date.

Mum-of-one Alex won Richie’s heart in 2016’s The Bachelor, but after dating for over a year, the couple ended things.

They announced their break-up via a photoshoot in Woman’s Day.

Since then, the Perth-based rope access technician has all but disappeared from the public eye. Alex, on the other hand, started dating a woman named Maegan Luxa, and it’s believed they were engaged. The pair has since broken up.