The clever parenting hack Zoe Foster-Blake always whips out while travelling.


If you’re a fan of Zoe Foster-Blake and her lovely family, you’ll know that they are on an overseas trip taking them from Europe to New York.

For many, the thought of travelling this much with children is stressful, and rightly so.

Travelling with kids requires sleep, and luckily  Zoe Foster-Blake has sharedcompletely genius way to ensure you have at shot at getting eight hours of sleep with kids while you’re on holidays.

Posting to her Instagram story, the Melbourne based author shared an image of a t-shirt taped across a window with gaffa tape.

Yep, gaffa tape.

She captioned the image, “Black gaffa tape. Yep. We never ever travel without it. Makes any old scarf or t-shirt into a blackout blind.”

I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I think of that?

We have all been on holiday in a hotel room with just the tiniest sliver of light which has keep us awake ALL NIGHT.

If we had gaffa tape, that would never have happened.

Zoe Foster-Blake shared the details of her trip earlier this year on Instagram.

“We’re heading back to Mykonos soon, but this time he [Sonny] will be four-years-old, a touch leaner, and accompanied by his baby sister,” she wrote in the post.

“From there we head to Italy, then New York City, where we’ll live and work for a while,” she added.

This comes as the 37-year-old’s beauty brand Go-To skincare launches in the United States, where it will be stocked in hundreds of Sephora stores.

“All up, we will be traveling [sic] for three months, which doesn’t induce any anxiety in me at all, not a lick: I am PERFECTLY CALM,” she wrote.

“You try fitting a family of four’s shit into two suitcases, especially when one of them is a dedicated holiday theme dresser,” she continued.

She wrote in the post that the family had been hoping to take a trip like this “for years”, and she hoped to enjoy some quality time (she has referred to the family as “pale, Aussie Griswolds”) before the kids become school-aged.

And it appears to be going smoothly. As long as there’s gaffa tape available.