Zoe Foster-Blake would like to trade places with Sonny, please.

Image: Instagram (@zotheysay)

Being an adult is hard.

There are responsibilities to deal with. Bills to pay. Bins to take out.

Kids on the other hand? They do as they damn well please – which is why we can totally relate to Zoe Foster-Blake‘s latest request.

Image: Instagram (@zotheysay)

"Man, toddlers get to do all the shit I wish I could, like have full blown tantrums when I'm hungry, and take three hour naps, and just sit on my ass when the queue for boarding takes too long. Also they get to play with Hot Wheels heaps," she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Yes, Zoe-Foster Blake would like to trade places with her one-year-old son, please and thank you.

She has a point. A good one.

After all, how delightful would it be to have someone dress you, feed you, shower you with hugs and kisses and let you take regular naps?

To be able to take regular naps and not have to talk to anyone if you didn't feel like it? Did we mention the regular naps?

Yep, after much consideration we've decided we'd like to stop adult-ing today and unleash our inner child. Let the napping begin!

When have you wished you could trade places with your child?