Zoe Foster-Blake's curls have made a triumphant return.

Zoe Foster-Blake‘s hair is a thing of wonder. It manages to look simultaneously perfectly-coiffed while also giving off those effortless ‘Oh I just woke up and my lob was perfectly waved like this’ vibes.

Meanwhile, here we are struggling to tame our bed hair into something that won’t frighten small children.

But while on holiday in Italy, Foster-Blake has given us a glimpse of her hair in its natural state. Yes, the curls have made a triumphant return.

Image: Snapchat.

There's just one snag.

"Now what do I do with them?," she wrote on her snapchat.

Considering how glorious they look, Foster-Blake could probably have walked out the door then and there and still had a very good hair day.

If you're wondering why you haven't seem much of the curls lately, there's a very good reason; Sonny Blake.

Watch: The foolproof tool for curling your hair. Post continues after video.

In a blog post last year, the Go-To skincare founder detailed how her naturally curly hair had all but disappeared since giving birth, becoming “straight (but not the good straight – limp straight), thin, lank.”


"For a while I was in denial. I couldn’t believe that my curly hair had just racked off forever. No more waves. No more bounce. No more texture… babies are completely worth it, but it is annoying,"she wrote on her website Zo They Say.

While she initially thought it was a Keratin straightening treatment she'd had, it was actually down to the effect of pregnancy on her hormone levels - and it's not an unusual side effect.

Listen to our full interview with Zoe here. She talks her go-to beauty tricks. (Like a tongue scraper. WHAT) Hamish's snoring and Sonny. (Post continues after audio.)

"It's very common and normal for females to experience changes in thickness and texture of hair during pregnancy, but as well in puberty and menopause," Dr Jodie Silleri, Cosmetic Physician and General Practitioner with Melbourne's enRich Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center told Mamamia previously.

We're not just jealous of Foster-Blake letting her hair down (literally) either.

She's got the holiday dress code nailed too, with some La Dolce Vita vibes even Dolce and Gabanna would be envious of.

"My policy regarding dressing up while you're on holidays appears to have gone too far, and I for one, am thrilled," she wrote.

Us too.

Image: Instagram/@zothesay.

Did you hair change after you were pregnant?