ROADTEST: 4 women try the swimsuit that claims to fit 7 sizes in one.

In Mamamia’s Roadtest series, real women road test the latest trends, treatments and techniques you need to know about - and share their honest thoughts. If it's out there, you can bet we've tried it. This week, four women with different heights and body shapes try the YouSwim Eva One-Piece.

We need to talk about a swimsuit.

A certain swimsuit - created by UK brand YouSwim - that claims to fit seven sizes in one.

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According to their website, the swimsuits "adapt to your unique curves and your body’s natural state of flux." You can choose from two-pieces and one-pieces in various colours, ranging from neutrals to more bold, bright options. 

Plus, all of their pieces are ethically woven, dyed, cut and sewn in England using European-sourced nylon and elastane. No sweatshops involved. Sounds great, right?

But... can these swimsuits really fit seven sizes in one?

We asked four women of different sizes to try the YouSwim Eva One-Piece, $189, in four different colours (it comes in 11 shades). Here are their thoughts on the cozzie, plus how they styled it.



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Holly's personal style: Any cozzie I wear has to do double-duty as a singlet under a shirt, a top under a skirt, because I spend a lot of time at the beach with my family and I'm not getting changed in and out of clothes. My cozzie is my outfit and my outfit is my cozzie. So this forest green is perfect with lots of things I own, and the colour got a lot of compliments.


How Holly styled it: I doubted that this itty-bitty cozzie was going to fit my grown-woman body. But it did. And it's gorgeously soft, comfy and cool. Some kind of sorcery is at work here, but it's the real deal.


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Katie's personal style: To sum it up in a word... LAZY. I opt for clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles that require the least amount of effort humanly possible. For that reason, I kinda like the idea of the 'seven sizes in one' situation, because it removes the headache of having to figure out your size in a new brand. (I know it’s really easy to do with size guides and a measuring tape but I don’t own a measuring tape because I am not a seamstress from the 1920s.) 


My first impression of it was that it's rather small. I unwrapped the box and was presented with what appeared to be a toddler’s bathing suit. It was honestly the size of my left thigh. This, obviously, moved the bar to a very, very low spot - which meant when I actually put it on I was pleasantly surprised that it a) got on my body and b) didn’t have bits of me spilling out all over the place. 

How Katie styled it: As mentioned before, I am a lazy gal when it comes to fashion, so my idea of ‘styling’ a swimsuit involves chucking on a pair of shorts and my Birkenstocks and heading out the door. So that’s what I did! I think that the retro 80s 'mom' vibe of the shorts pairs nicely with this shade of purple which I have only ever seen on the cast of Saved By The Bell

For look and feel, imma give these togs a solid 7/10. They got on my body and covered all the NSFW areas, but the fit wasn’t exactly my style and I genuinely couldn’t figure out if I was meant to wear it high on my hips or low on my hips... Another bonus: It didn’t go totally see-through when wet. Hallelujah! But, I decided to test this suit out on a freezing cold day and so can regrettably confirm that the nips are VERY present in these swimmers. You have been warned. 



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Charlie's personal style: I'd sum up my everyday style as effortless cool. I want to look like I've just chucked my outfit on when in actual fact, I thought the entire thing through the night before. Black is a staple in my wardrobe and occasionally (very occasionally), I'll wear a pop of colour. Most days, you'll find me in a jeans, white sneakers, lots of gold jewellery and a pair of oversized sunnies. 

When it comes to my swimmers, I normally gravitate towards something neutral (as you can see here). But I'm usually a bikini girl so I was excited to try this out!


How Charlie styled it: When I head to the beach, I'm all for easy, throw-on options. Generally, I'll grab my favourite vintage Levis, a cropped singlet or oversized tee and slip on my Dr Martens sandals. As this chic black one-piece doubled as a top, I left my tee at home and just chucked on my shorts and sandals. Oh and of course, grabbed my favourite sunnies to complete the look! 

Honestly, I loved how this looked on (I would even consider wearing it out as a top). I'm officially a one-piece gal now! My only concern is that I'm five foot exactly, so the shoulder straps were a little loose on me. But considering it fits various sizes, I'm not surprised.


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Mel’s personal style: My style is classic and understated. I tend to go for fitted, flattering cuts and simple patterns. I balance it out by going for bold colours, like my emerald green Kookai jumpsuit - a wardrobe favourite. During summer, you’ll find me wearing either a jumpsuit, wrap dress or a shorts and cropped top combo. 

When it comes to swimwear - it’s either a fitted one-piece or a sportier two-piece with an adjustable bikini top (it’s all about support in the right places).

How Mel styled it: I love one-piece swimsuits. They’re classy and flattering. I especially love the high leg cut of the YouSwim one piece because it gives a "legs for days" look. The sage colour of the swimsuit is so eye-catching it doesn’t need additional styling. Although, if I was heading to the beach for the day, I’d pair it with a white linen shirt, Birkenstocks and an Akubra for a sophisticated but casual look.

Would you wear this one-piece? Let us know in the comments.

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