ROADTEST: 'I'm a size 24, and went searching for the perfect spring dress.'

You can feel it, right? That warmth in the air and the hayfever itch in your eyes. The seasons are definitely changing and even in Melbourne I'm getting the feeling, which can only mean two things: 

1. I need to restock my antihistamines, and 

2. It’s time to put the winter clothes away and inject some colour into your wardrobe! 

That’s where I come in. It’s time for another plus size fashion road test, and this time I'm all about spring dresses.

Mamamia's Clare Stephens roadtests non-family-friendly fashion. Post continues below.

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I love clothes and fashion and I don’t really have a go-to vibe (unless it sparkles). There really are so many options for us plus size babes out there, you just need to know where to look! 

With that in mind, I went on the hunt for five dresses in completely different styles - there are some maxi options, some midis, some day-to-night dresses and some picnic-in-the-park dresses. It all depends on you and how you style them!

As always, I’ve ditched the number on the tag and relied on the size guide on the website to help me choose what’s right for me. But in case you’re wondering, I’m usually a size 24-ish.


I’ve rated the cost of these dresses using dollar signs, ranging from $ for cheap, to $$$ for exxy.

Saffron Road.

Kicking it off with one of my favourite brands, Saffron Road are Australian owned and designed and they're serving you all the boho you need in your life this spring. They stock up to a size 24 (which I found quite generous) and have clothes in beautiful patterns that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The items that I got from Saffron Road made my heart sing and (with the help of the cute matching accessories) they helped me build a flower child aesthetic that is often not found in plus sizes, which I’m so excited about! I’ll be buying out every line for the foreseeable future.

Image: Supplied.


Cost: $$

Size: XXL

Fit: Generous 

Friday Flamingo.

Friday Flamingo is a new brand to me. Coming from New Zealand I was a little worried about postage, but the dresses took two weeks to be delivered and they were worth the wait!

If you’re like me and you love loud colours and something a little different, then Friday Flamingo is the place to go. They stock up to a size 24 but the dresses that I have are both a size 22 and they are perfection. All of the items I tried were loose around the arms, comfy (and elastic) at the waist and unique. So I’m a fan.

Image: Supplied.


Cost: $

Size: 5 (22)

Fit: Generous. Definitely room to move.

Marks and Spencer Australia.

I want to love M&S. I really do. They stock up to a size 24 and their designs are a fab mix of office chic and sophisticated weekend looks. I want to love them because I found so many dresses on their website that were cute and fun but alas, there were some issues with the cut of the dresses that I tried.

This dress (below) is my favourite but the off-the-shoulder look is a hard one to size sometimes. The problem is that the top of the dress without the strap is too loose and I’m a little worried about having a Janet Jackson moment. 

That being said, the rest of the dress fits amazingly - the waist is elastic and generous and the length is perfect for Sunday drinks on a rooftop terrace. So I’m still going to wear it because I’m obsessed with the colours and the one-shoulder look.


Image: Supplied.

Cost: $

Size: 24

Fit: General fit is great. Some structural issues. 

Little Party Dress.

I stan Little Party Dress so hard (am I too old to talk like that?) Seriously though, since LPD increased their sizing to include a size 22 (and a very generous 22) my wardrobe is now full of their pieces.


I’m a fan because there is something for everyone. I have cocktail dresses, sparkly sequin jackets, work dresses and so much more. The dresses they have this spring are fun and flirty and right up my ally.

This dress fits me like a dream. I’m loving the elastic sleeves and sizing. I put a belt on everything because I like to be cinched and show off my curves, but it looks just as great without it. It is a short dress, but why not get a little out of your comfort zone and show off your legs? After six months in ISO, I’m sure they could use some sun (I know mine could).

Image: Supplied.


Cost: $

Size: 22

Fit: Generous and comfortable.

Mojo Beach.

I went a little out of the box with this last dress and had a piece custom made! So this dress isn’t a size 22 or 24, it’s a size Lacey! 

Mojo Beach are a NSW based business that stock beautiful beachy dresses (and pants, tops etc) up to a size 20, which would’ve been a problem had they not had the custom dress option. 

Having Mojo Beach make a custom dress for you is only $10 extra, so I thought it was worth it.

The process was easy, I just clicked 'custom dress', added my measurements and ten days later there was a dress in my mailbox. Winning! Am I a fan? Uh, yeah! The fabric is super stretchy and the fit is delicious.

My feeling is that by getting dresses custom made I’m just living like the queen that I am.

Image: Supplied.


Cost: $

Size: Custom

Fit: Loose and flowy.

Now that I’ve updated my spring wardrobe I feel the need to update my shoe collection accordingly.

And remember, just because a shop doesn’t stock your size, doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect just the way you are.

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