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WE'VE CRACKED IT: Here are the final three celebrities behind the masks on The Masked Singer.

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For weeks, we have spent precisely all of our free time on the Wikipedia pages of obscure Australian celebrities and yelling "WHO IS BUSHRANGER" in our sleep.

Frankly, it's a bit concerning. But that's what The Masked Singer does to us, and we only have Osher to blame.

I think the weirdest moment this season was watching a Wiggle, dressed as a scary puppet, sing a Justin Bieber song. Post continues below video.

Video via Ten.

We've dissected every clue and stared way too long into the eyes of that goddamn terrifying Puppet, who was housing a Wiggle under his oversized head.

But it's been worth it, because all of this very important and thorough research has brought us here, to a place where we believe with our whole hearts that Kate Miller-Heidke is Queen. 

Now we're down to the final three masks, and while we may be waiting... a while for the finale, considering the COVID-19 outbreak on set that paused production just as it was about to be filmed, we can sleep easy, knowing who the celebrities battling it out are.


Here are our predictions.

Frillneck - Eddie Perfect.

Eddie Perfect and his family moved back to Australia at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and oh, how is that for timing?

Before that, he'd been in New York - where he had been working on Broadway, including writing the songs for Beetlejuice. His score was nominated for a Tony Award.

The only real clues we need are these two:

BEETLEJUICE. Also peep the Cola, a reference to his show Drink Pepsi, B****. Image: Ten. 


We see you, Eddie. Image: Ten. 

But hey, we do have more.

Back in Australia, Eddie was set to star in Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 The Musical, however the musical has been postponed due to the pandemic. Remember week one's "I'm not someone who works 9-5" clue?


Frillneck has made multiple mentions of critics and reviews that haven't always been positive. Beetlejuice was widely panned during its first run in Washington DC, before opening to mixed reviews on Broadway, and then going on to become a cult favourite among fans. 

He also said "I love my country and I love its history. I just want everyone to get a sporting chance but knocking down tall poppies can be fun too."

Eddie created and starred in Shane Warne: The Musical, which contained lyrics such as "just another chopped tall poppy, that’s what they do when you’re an Aussie."

And just a rogue clue for good measure... In episode three, Frillneck said he doesn't care what Miley Cyrus thinks. Miley Cyrus' alter ego Hannah Montana sang 'Nobody's Perfect'. 

In week three, Frillneck said he loved to tell an 'Australian story'. In May, Eddie appeared on an episode of ABC's Australian Story about being a performer in a pandemic. Oh, and he also wrote the song for the Australian Tourism's ad for the UK, featuring Kylie Minogue.

That covers the "I’ve even put a few words into our Kylie’s mouth" clue.

Image: Ten. 


The clogs in week three refer to Eddie's character in Offspring... Mick HOLLAND.

Case closed. 

Queen - Kate Miller-Heidke.

Kate Miller-Heidke has one of Australia's most distinctive voices and we just know she is Queen.

Kate trained in opera before moving to more popular-style music, referenced in the clue, "I was expected to be known by my Italian works, but turned away and followed my own royal path by popular demand". 

At the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Kate performed her song 'Zero Gravity' where she famously swung from a ceiling attached to a pole. The song was incredibly personal and was written about her experience with post-natal depression - so, she was singing from highs about lows. Let us bring your attention to this clue: "Yes, I have known the highs and the lows, sometimes at the same time." 


Also, if it wasn't already obvious enough:


Kate Queen said: "13 times I've been a bridesmaid but never the bride." She's been nominated for 13 ARIAs, but has never won one and also wrote the songs for the Muriel's Wedding stage musical.


Now for some... rogue ones:

In her week two clues package, the extras were wearing beards, references to Kate's very funny Christmas song 'I'm Growing a Beard Downstairs for Christmas'. 

"Even when I was very, very naughty I was applauded by my greatest critics," she told us. "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Ah yes, we were wondering when she'd reference her critically acclaimed performance as Baby Jane in Jerry Springer: The Opera.

One clue that had us stumped at first was "My sporting heritage cannot be denied". But Kate's husband is in a band called Transport, who she has performed with many times.

So sneaky. Image: Ten. 


In episode three, extras threw around a footy while wearing the colours of South Sydney Rabbitohs... the Bunnies. Kate wrote the music for musical theatre show The Rabbits.

In episode five, Queen said she "wasn't always a queen, but it is a real title awarded by the good folk of this country". And if that isn't a callback to being named Queen of the Woodford Folk Festival in 2002 and 2003, we don't know what is.

She said she was the Queen, and "not just one of the crowd", a reference to Kate's song 'Caught in the Crowd'.

Image: Ten. 

Then there is the image of an astronaut, as she said: "Achieving that is not a fly-by-night operation... or even 12 nights". If you've seen Kate's Eurovision performance, you'll know her song was called 'Zero Gravity' and she was number 12 on the voting lines.


We could keep going. Basically, we'd bet all our money and our first-born children on this one.

Bushranger - Bonnie Anderson.

Bushranger had us totally confused for a while there, but we've finally figured her out: Bonnie Anderson, how you doing?

Mmhm. The sparkly Ned Kelly is definitely Australia's Got Talent winner and Neighbours actress Bonnie. Let us explain:

"I was a pioneer, the first of my kind. But others followed in my path and more will come in the future," she said, referring to being the first ever AGT winner.

Image: Ten. 


Bushranger is definitely Victorian: We know from the Queen Victoria and Victoria Beckham images in her clues.

Bushranger said she was for a while "part of the Kelly gang", as we saw portraits of Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Rowland, but "now I'm on my own".

As Bea Nilsson on Neighbours, her character dated Finn Kelly. Oh, and she also dated Ned Willis. What's that? Ned Kelly? *drops mic*

Bushranger said "Sometimes the only way to survive is to turn the light out, it’s better than crying and rusting my helmet," in reference to Bonnie's 2014 single 'Blackout'.

Bushranger said she was the voice behind one of the most famous sounds in Australia and what is more well known than the Neighbours theme song? Bonnie has been the voice behind the song since March 2020.

Now, to cover a few namedrops:

  • "As Madonna said – ‘express yourself’. So that’s what I’m going to do" is referencing when Bonnie met Madonna when recording in the US.
  • "Dylan Alcott is pretty tough, so it might be no surprise that he and I once went head-to-head and I came off second best" refers to when she and Dylan were both nominated for Most Popular New Talent at the 2019 Logie Awards - and Dylan won.

And finally - the icing on the cake - she too has had her name linked to the Bushranger on Wikipedia. 


Who lets these things get through? Image: Wikipedia

Of course, this has since been deleted, but we see you Bonnie.

As for the rest of the cast, well, we don't want to brag, but we were correct about precisely... everyone. Here's the previously unmasked celebs:

Give us a detective's badge already.

Feature Image: Ten.