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We're calling it: The Masked Singer's Cactus is 110 per cent Lucy Durack.

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Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any stranger The Masked Singer started, and we were left with two lingering questions: who is the Cactus and why do they have boobs?

The competitor has fundamentally changed the way we look at our houseplants and has also been one of the trickier Masked Singers to figure out.

Cactus sings Icona Pop's 'I Love It'. Post continues below video.

Video via Ten.

But we've done it: We are convinced Cactus is actress and singer Lucy Durack.


And yes, we have the clues to back up our theory.

We're still waiting to find out why Cactus has breasts, but answering one of two questions is a good start, right?

Cactus' family ties.

Cactus said her family is practically royalty where she is from, and Lucy is from a very well known Western Australian family. Seriously. Google her family, and you'll find Lucy did an interview with the ABC in 2012 about coming from a famous WA family of "pastoral pioneers".

"We’ve had many titles through history, but I trod my own path coming from the north," she said, hinting at how her great, great grandfather and his brother drove cattle across northern Australia, from Queensland to the East Kimberley.

Cactus had also met royalty, and Lucy sang the Australian National Anthem and the Royal Anthem for the Queen at a garden party in WA in 2011.


Image: Ten.

In week one, Cactus' clue package had a suitcase with stickers of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and a Union Jack - all places she has lived before.

Wicked clues.

Durack is perhaps best known for playing Glinda in the Australian production of Wicked for four years.

Image: Ten.


In week two's clue package, there were 'east/west' signs in Cactus' clue package: clearly a Wicked reference, meaning The Wizard of Oz's wicked witches of the east and west. The clue actually has a bit of a double meaning, as Lucy has lived on both the east and west coasts of Australia too.

Also in week two, extras in Santa-style beards raked tinsel as Cactus said she loved Santa - "No one can hold a candle to him" - and this has got to be a reference to Carols By Candlelight, which she has performed at as part of the cast of Wicked.

A week later during week three, an oil can was visible while Cactus was cooking - another Wicked and Wizard of Oz reference because...Tin Man.


There have also been reference to her other roles too: The clue "in the pink" references Legally Blonde: The Musical and "it helps in this business if you have a medical degree" refers to her role in Doctor Doctor.

Spice Girls platforms.

Cactus' physical clue in week three was a pair of leopard print platform shoes: "I once ran a cross country race wearing these Spice Girl platform shoes," she said.


Confusing, huh? Well, it is until you take a look at this Instagram post from Lucy in 2017 with her Sisters costars and crew members:

Case closed.

So... when do we get to ask about the boobs?

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