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The Masked Singer's Kitten is 100% Julia Morris and we won't accept otherwise.

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We're in week 251 of isolation and our lives currently revolve around rose ceremonies, Osher's dazzling suits and watching celebrities in giant animal costumes sing on TV. 

Yep, The Masked Singer has taken over our lives once again and we're already way too much invested in guessing the hidden identities of this year's contestants.  

While Echidna, Hammerhead, Goldfish and Sloth have already been respectively unmasked as tennis star Mark Philippoussis, cricketer Michael Bevan, singer Christine Anu and singer Katie Noonan, eight masks still remain shrouded in mystery.

But we think we've cracked the case. 

So far, we've proven that Queen is definitely Kate Miller-Heidke and Dragonfly is Sophie Monk, but we can now say with 100 per cent confidence that Julia Morris is in fact, the Kitten on The Masked Singer. And we will not accept otherwise.

Watch the Kitten sing on The Masked Singer Australia. Post continues below. 

Video via Channel 10.

Not only does Kitten's voice sound exactly the same as Julia's, but who else would make fart noises on stage while dressed in a giant pink kitten costume?


And we're not the only ones who think the I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! host is hiding under the mask. 


So without further ado, here's all the evidence that Kitten is Julia Morris on The Masked Singer.


Kitten clue: "Breaks always came when I least expected it. But I really hit the jackpot in Vegas." 

Evidence: A quick Google search will tell you that Julia married British comedian Dan Thomas in Las Vegas in 2005. Coincidence? We think not. 

Kitten clue: "From a very young age water has been an essential part of my life, like a dolphin. But I left that behind to sip the heat of the spotlight elsewhere. But I’m back home now and making up for lost time."

Evidence: Julia had previously lived in the UK and US before returning home to Australia.

Kitten clue: "My early career was unforgettable. I guess that’s why I was on the meds."

Evidence: Fans on Twitter have pointed out that the clue "I was on the meds" could be a reference to Julia's character on TV drama House Husbands who worked as a nurse.


Kitten clue: While describing her early career in week two of The Masked Singer, Kitten was seen standing in front of posters which looked a lot like comedy shows. 

Image: Channel 10. 

Evidence: One of the posters read "The Whoopee Cushions" which we're thinking is a reference to Whoopi Goldberg. Early in her very successful comedy career, Julia Morris performed on stage with Whoopi. Another poster advertises "The Crustaceans". This could be another nod to her House Husbands character, Gemma Crabb. "The Manor Ball" could also be a sneaky reference to the Prime Minister’s Midwinter Ball, which Julia also performed at.


Kitten clue: If you look closely, a breast cancer ribbon can be seen in one of Kitten's video clues.

Image: Channel 10.

 Evidence: Julia's husband Dan had breast cancer in 2012 and ended up having a mastectomy.

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Feature Image: Channel 10/Getty.