The Instagram fitness account that could replace your PT and save you money.

Exercising can be very expensive.

First of all, good runners don’t come cheap. Especially cute, good runners.

Then there are the leggings (the ones that don’t… ride up your vagina… will cost ya!), sports bras, gym bags, sweat towels, wireless headphones, and drink bottles.

That’s before you factor in a monthly gym membership, F45 or – god forbid – a personal trainer, which can all cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

So before I say anything else give yourself a big old pat on the back for not spending all your days on the couch covered in a fine film of Doritos dust.

Ahem. I have found something that will save you many monies and many problems every week. It’s an Instagram account. Whitney Simmon’s Instagram account.

Michelle Bridges speaks on I Don’t Know How She Does It about fitting exercise in with young kids.

Whitney is an American fitness influencer with a twist; she doesn’t ask you to sign up to her exercise programs, or subscribe to a weird fitness cult with your credit card details. She simply uploads videos of her workouts every single week that are accessible on her social media accounts for free.

For. FREE.

And they’re really, really great.

As well as the occasional HIIT workout (AKA high intensity interval training – think of Kayla Itsines‘ viral videos) Whitney also covers abs, arms, leg and back workouts, some of which you can complete at home or with basic equipment. Over on Whitney’s YouTube account, where she goes into more depth, she also often gives modifications based on every experience level.


Here are some of the workouts I’ve tried and Loved-with-a-capital-L:



Now, every time before I head to the gym, I ‘save’ one of Whitney’s workout circuits and copy it. It takes all the guess work out of what the hell each machine does, helps me ensure my form is correct, avoids me getting bored of doing the same old exercises every week, and makes my muscles feel like they’re exploding into a ball of flames.

My absolute favourites are her arm and shoulder exercises.

I’ve been following Whitney Simmons like she’s my quirky religious leader for about three months now and I feel so much stronger. I’m stunned that she offers so much content to her followers without asking for a cent in return.

The 25-year-old’s account has boomed for that exact reason; she provides so much of what other influencers do without the cost. In the last year alone over one million people have followed Whitney on Instagram.

You get the gist: She’s trés good at what she does.

Like any fitness influencer, there will be the occasional caption about “summer bodies” or “getting ready for a bikini”; if that kind of messaging annoys you, just ignore it. The workouts are still incredible and will give you a lovely dose of endorphins.

Of course, Whitney’s videos wont be for everyone. If you’re a kickboxer, or a yoga-junkie, you’re not going to love everything in her feed.

But if you’re a regular gym goer who wants to tone up and build strength, this account is made for you, lady.

Click the link to follow Whitney Simmons on Instagram.