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Which MAFS' couples are still together? A definitive guide.


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Married At First Sight is done for another year, which means we can all go back to our lives (for 24 hours, because Bachelor in Paradise starts tonight).

But considering we’ve invested way too much damn time in this ‘experiment’ we thought it was worth looking back to ask, how well did the experts match the cast and did the experiment actually work? Spoilers: Not very well and no, it didn’t.

Here’s who’s still together and who’s not.

Lauren and Matt.

Probably before he left with all the food.

Oh my god, remember them? It seems so long ago we met Lauren and virgin-turned-former-virgin Matt.

It's pretty safe to say they're not together... Considering Matt's whole 'I'm leaving the experiment but not before I steal ALL the food' thing and that time Lauren told the world that Matt thought he was abducted by aliens.

Mike and Heidi.

mike mafs
"It's a real problem I have."

After an incredibly tumultuous relationship Mike and Heidi finally announced their split at the final dinner party.

The couple shared their final vows and told each other they loved each other, and despite weeks of trying (and failing) to convince everyone they were still together they finally admitted that three weeks after Heidi moved to the Gold Coast to live with Mike, things "went to sh*t".

Sam and Elizabeth.

MAFS sam elizabeth
This is so awkward it hurts to look at.

Hahaha... No, they are definitely not together. Elizabeth slammed her former 'husband' for his body-shaming comments towards her with an epic speech during the show's final.

"What [Sam's] doing is setting the tone for all the girls out there – that you’re not worthy enough if you’re not a size 6 or below, [that you] don’t deserve the time of day," she stated.

"I am just appalled that he would be so free to comment on a woman’s weight. That to me is absolutely despicable and disgusting, disgusting, OK? As women, it’s a hard enough time in this life, OK? It is a hard enough time.

"We get so much thrown at us. We have men sitting there going, ‘Well, yeah, you have to be this way, you have to look that way,’ otherwise, you know, I don’t want a bar of it."

Directly referencing Sam, she concluded: “We are expected to look a certain way because of men like that. Absolutely disgusting, disgusting.”


Ines and Bronson.

Bronson tried to escape. A lot.

Ines kept up her 'relationship' with Bronson for like, weeks, longer than necessary and became public enemy #1 for her affair with Sam. Both Ines and Bronson have shared some uh, harsh, words about each other and there is a greater chance of a laid back, drama-free MAFS season next year than there is of these two ever getting together again.


Sam and Ines.

Yes, this is how we feel too.

Though Sam and Ines were involved in the first of this season's 'cheating scandals', there's a bunch of evidence that says their affair was manufactured by producers. This is very believable considering the number of editing fails and the fact they never pursued a relationship outside of the show.


Even so, Ines is adamant there was a sexual relationship during filming, posting a bunch of bizarre x-rated Instagram stories that claim they didn't have sex but they did um... do something else for four hours.

Martha and Michael.

Kim and... not Kanye.

Earlier this month, all signs pointed to a breakup for KimMartha and Michael, but evidence uploaded to Mamamia's Married At First Sight Lols Facebook group showed the couple boarding a plane together yesterday - so it looks like they're still together. At least for now.


Melissa and Dino.


melissa dino mafs

Cyrell and Nic.

mafs reunion australia

Sigh, we were really rooting for these two, mainly because we never wanted Cyrell, the hero we all deserve, to leave our screens.

It seemed like the pair left the show on good terms, but things became, uh, heated in recent weeks.

Cyrell threated to ‘expose’ Nic in a Facebook post in March and said she had been banned by Channel Nine from speaking about the show, adding “Run Nick run” to the end of her promise to reveal the “truth”.

That sounds… scary.

Around the same time, Cyrell exploded at Nic on the The Kyle And Jackie O Show after he accused her brother Ivan of falsely claiming that he’d cheated on Cyrell with Jessika Power.

Oh, and she claimed he leaked his own sex tape.

Nic maintained that he had no bloody idea why he was suddenly in a feud with his ex.


So it definitely seemed like these two had called it quits for good, but then New Idea shared photos of the pair kissing at a Sydney hotel. Then, just hours later Cyrell maybe sort of confirmed on Instagram she was in a relationship with another reality TV star on Instagram.

We're confused, but it doesn't look like Nic and Cyrell made it.

Ning and Mark.

married at first sight ning mark
Oh. It still hurts.

Ning and Mark's brutal final vows was TOUGH VIEWING.


“You have not abandoned me in this experiment called marriage, therefore I have chosen not to abandon you. I’m saying yes to you, yes to us and yes to continuing our journey together.”

But Mark’s response was not what Ning was expecting.

“I came here to find love,” Mark responds. “But I haven’t found it with you.”

She cried. We cried. Everyone cried.

But hope is not lost! Speaking to Hit 103.5 this morning, Ning said the door wasn't completely closed on their relationship.

She admitted they still talk and played it very cool, saying she didn't want to confirm or deny anything... Except for the face that she and Mark went home together after the reunion.

Jules and Cam.



Susie and Billy.


Yeah, bnah. Susie and Billy once fought over artificial sweeterner, so there was no chance of this ever workign out.


Susie's now sharing soppy Insta posts after former NRL player Todd Carney and Billy told Hot91's Breakfast show he got it on with Lauren after filming, according to the Daily Mail.

Jess and Mick.


Mick is doing up his farm bachelor pad. 'Nuff said.

Dan and Tamara.

No. Just no.

Jess and Dan.

jess and dan mafs
This image says... No.

Last night we’re pretty sure we watched the destruction of a relationship live on television, when Dan and Jessika got into a heated argument during Talking Married.

That, along with some sketchy Instagram behaviour and insider info from Talking Married host Ben Fordham has led us to believe Dan and Jess are done - for good this time.

So, with that, we say goodbye to MAFs 2019, more than 42 hours of absolutely batsh*t crazy television and nearly all the couples.

See you next year.