'My aunty tricked me into wearing shorts and and a hoodie to my cousin's wedding.'


Being told the wrong dress code for an event on purpose by a malicious person is a Hollywood film trope that never actually becomes reality… until it does.

For one woman, who has taken to Reddit to air her frustration, this became her real life after her aunty tried to sabotage her cousin’s wedding.

And it worked. Because now, the bride and groom are furious.

You see, this anonymous woman has explained that she recently turned up to her cousin’s wedding wearing shorts and a hoodie, only to discover that she had been given the entirely wrong dress code. Deliberately.

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“In the months leading up to the wedding, my aunt (cousin’s mother) griped about how unconventional the wedding was going to be. She was happy for the couple of course but she didn’t like that the wedding wasn’t going to be in a church or banquet hall,” she shared.

“I thought it sounded cool and unique but my aunt hated the idea of it,” she continued. “She didn’t tell the couple though. Just complained about it to us behind their backs.”


The woman and her husband travelled nearly 1000 kilometres to attend the wedding. The day prior to her cousin’s big day, the immediate family members were told by the aunty: “The dress code for wedding is casual.”

“Not gonna lie, many of us were stoked. I hate dressing up so I was all over the idea of a casual backyard BBQ wedding.

“My husband and I had already packed nice clothes so we wore them to the ceremony.

“A few of my family members showed up to the ceremony in t-shirts and baseball caps. Immediately after, we changed into comfortable clothes for the reception. I wore a hoodie, Daisy Duke shorts and cute sandals.”

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Would you be mad if someone wore this to your wedding? Image: Getty.

She began to think something was peculiar when all of the bride's family members remained dressed in their black-tie clothing from the ceremony. Oh, and the bride and groom were still dressed in their wedding attire too.

Nevertheless, the woman said: "The reception was awesome. Nice dinner, fancy lawn games, a bonfire. We had a blast."

But then she realised what had happened.

"So we just found out that the bride and groom were very upset with us for wearing casual clothes to their wedding. They thought it was very disrespectful."

Uh oh.

"My aunt lied to us because she wanted to sabotage their wedding and they were upset that no one checked with them about the dress code. This explains why my cousin and his wife have been standoffish toward us since the wedding."

But the woman believes her cousin is "overreacting" and insists "it's not our fault that we got bad info about the dress code".

Asking Reddit users if she was too blame, she received a massive response – with many maintaining she was at fault.

"Daisy dukes and a hoodie are not 'casual' in terms of wedding attire," replied one user. "Casual would have been nice slacks and a pretty top or jacket. Your attire was more like Saturday night at the stock car races. I would have been upset with you too and the family members in tee shirts and ball caps were similarly under-dressed."


"I wouldn’t wear that out to dinner, much less to a wedding. It was completely inappropriate regardless of what your aunt said," another added.

Another agreed, saying: "Honestly I don’t blame the aunt for saying it’s casual dress, maybe she meant ‘I wanted them to have a black tie event but they’re not’. In what world do you hear casual wedding and show up in literal Daisy Dukes?"

Oops. Those probably aren't the kind of responses she was hoping for.

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It’s certainly not the first crazy wedding story we’ve been treated to as of late.

Last week, a woman posted to Mumsnet about a wedding she attended where the menu was split by gender – with men receiving beef for their reception meal, and women receiving chicken.

Men were also treated to a chocolate dessert while women received a strawberry-based dish. Rude.

Recently, another bride demanded her friend dye her hair and hide her tattoos so not to clash with her theme, and another wedding left a maid of honour saddled with 80 dead goldfish after the couple’s decoration idea went horribly wrong. We repeat: 80 dead goldfish.

One thing’s for sure: if there’s one thing weddings are good for, it’s the internet fodder.

An endless source of joy.

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