"I was outraged". A woman stormed out of a wedding reception because the menu was split by gender.

Complaining about the reception food is a wedding guest tradition as old as time.

No matter how gourmet your newly-wedded pals’ catering is, there’s either not enough of it, or there’s something that just… doesn’t taste right.

Or maybe you drank one too many glasses of champagne before you sat down and forgot to eat altogether ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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More often than not, you’ll find yourself stumbling into Maccas on the way home, shovelling in a cheeseburger with one hand and dangling your high heels in the other.

But for a wedding guest who posted to Mumsnet recently, it wasn’t just weird-tasting gravy or dry chicken that had her leaving the reception hungry.

It was the fact that the meals were served according to gender, The Mirror reports.

And she was so outraged, she didn’t even stay for cake.

While we all know the pain of an alternate drop wedding menu – trying to grab the steak over the chicken by way of staring down a fed-up waiter – we can’t imagine being stuck with a meal based purely on genitalia, and we would definitely be tackling the nearest male for some steak.

At the wedding in question, men were served a mushroom risotto while female guests had prawns as an entree (which actually sounds pretty decent, but not the point).

Women tucked into grilled chicken and new potatoes for the main course and men were served roast beef (NO!).

And for dessert, the men had a chocolate bomb and women had strawberry shortcake (PLEASE MAKE IT STOP).

According to guests who actually stayed through the meal, towards the end of the night, women were given a piece of wedding cake while the men had a glass of whisky and pls, we’d take the whisky.

Or… both, preferably.

Taking to Mumsnet in a since-deleted post, the outraged wedding guest wrote: “It was perfectly pleasant until we sat down to the wedding breakfast to see the menu was divided by sex.


“Everybody at the table was outraged but no one said anything. I took one bite of my prawn risotto before deciding to leave.

“Apparently the groom’s parents are very traditional and this was their idea but for goodness sake the groom (and this is probably outing me but sod it) works in a very progressive part of women’s health and the bride is a feminist who attends rallies and feminist events with me.”


(Also who is eating prawn risotto for breakfast?)

But while others on the forum agreed that yes, it was a ridiculously outdated and downright offensive idea, they thought she shouldn’t have walked out.

One wrote: “I think YWBU [you were being unreasonable]. Yes it was incredibly sexist and outdated, but at a wedding that you are a guest at I think you should have kept your thoughts to yourself. How must it have made the bride and groom feel to see (or find out later – which they will) that you walked out? Not a great wedding memory for them. It was rude of you.”

Another replied: “A bit of an overreaction if I might say. What happened to couples doing what they want at their own wedding?”

And a third agreed that leaving was a bit unnecessary: “That is utterly bonkers. We’d have had a bloody good laugh about it though and switched our food if we wanted to. I’d not have left.”

One person, however, was as outraged as the wedding guest herself by her behaviour.

We’re no detectives, but we have a feeling it could actually be the bride weighing in here: “Are you serious?!,” she posted, “You allowed someone to pay what was probably a couple of hundred pounds per head for your attendance, just to leave because you disapproved of part of their wedding? You are a rude a******* and a shockingly bad friend.”

Another jumped to the original poster’s defence: “You are not being unreasonable. It’s difficult to believe that the B&G thought this level of sexism was acceptable, even if their parents did. Utterly bizarre.”

It’s certainly not the first crazy wedding story we’ve been treated to of late.

Recently, a bride demanded her friend dye her hair and hide her ink so not to clash with her theme, and another wedding left a maid of honour saddled with 80 dead goldfish after the couple’s decoration idea went horribly wrong. We repeat: 80 dead goldfish.

Ahh, weddings; an endless source of joy.

And by joy, we mean gloriously batsh*t stories from the internet.