"She wants to be the hottest one." The maid of honour not allowed to get a boob job.


Well. Just when you thought you had heard every ridiculous request ever made by a bride or groom for their wedding day, there’s a new preposterous demand that is doing the rounds on the interwebs.

And this one really is absurd.

A woman has shared that a month out from her scheduled breast enhancement surgery, her best friend, for whom she is maid of honour for at her upcoming wedding, has requested she postpone the boob job.

Posting under the name ‘AngryMOH1’ to Reddit, the woman shared she has “dreamed of it for a long time and I finally got [the] chance and money to do it.”

But, she explains, her best friend is not very happy about the surgery.

“So far everything has been going good, but yesterday she asked me whether I would consider doing it after her wedding,” she continued. “I was surprised, because she knows it’s perfect timing for me and there are many reasons behind it.”

“She said she wants to be the hottest one in her wedding party and I may overshadow her with my new boobs.”

Oh. I… see.

The maid of honour shared she tried to please her friend by finding a middle ground, offering to not wear anything revealing and not to “flash my boobs in front of everyone”.

But that wasn’t good enough for this bride, she explained.

“She looked hurt and heartbroken, said a cold goodbye and left.”

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"She said she wants to be the hottest one in her wedding party and I may overshadow her with my new boobs." Image via Getty.

The maid of honour went on to share she was confused and hurt by the the request, given she can't change the date of the surgery.

And then she began to notice a trend with the bride, who she shared she has been best friends with since kindergarten.

Turns out, this wasn't the first measure this woman had taken to be the best-looking woman in her bridal party.

"She didn't include our other best friend who is hellishly hot in her wedding party and we both were shocked about it, but didn't question it much. Her wedding, her decisions.


"Instead, she picked her future sister-in-laws as bridesmaids, who are twins and quite chubby. They are very sweet ladies but the bride called them land whales behind their back once and I told her it's not very nice."

The woman concluded saying she is sure the bride "picked people she thinks are less sexy than her" and said she was offended she "ended up on this list".

"She doesn't want me to get hotter either."

Those that responded to the Reddit thread were overwhelming in agreement that this bride sounds like... not a very good friend.

"Are you sure this girl is your friend?" replied one user. "I mean, she doesn’t want you to do something that will make you happy, and on top of that, she clearly thinks you are not pretty enough."

"It sounds like this grown ass, soon-to-be-married woman never outgrew the early high school popular girl mentality," commented another. "You're starting a new chapter in your life with a human being that you love who presumably loves you back. And you're worried about your supposed BFF's looks?"

Bemused, another person said she "would feel tempted to tell her to find another maid of honour."

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