Vanessa Sunshine says her Bachelor elimination did not go down the way we were shown.

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Vanessa Sunshine‘s elimination from The Bachelor on Thursday night was up there with one of the most awkward exits from the show.

At least that’s what we were led to believe.

However, the 27-year-old has explained that the surprise rose ceremony after a camping group date didn’t go down exactly the way it seemed in the episode.

Vanessa, whose real last name is believed to be Bennet, told TV Week that contrary to what we saw, the legal secretary did not wait for an eternity before giving Nick Cummins a quick hug and walking off silently.

“What actually happened is, I said my goodbye to Nick first. I said ‘I hope you find whatever and whoever it is you’re searching for’ and then I had to say goodbye to the girls,” she explained to the magazine.

“I hugged them all, except for Romy, and then I walked off.”

“Like I stood there for probably one second and they made it out like it was really long. That’s not what happened.”

Ah, those reality TV show producers, always amping up the drama, eh?


In the blunt style we’ve come to expect, the Melbourne cat mumma told the magazine exactly what she thought of the Honey Badger’s decision to keep Romy in the mansion over her.

“Nick is a grown up, 30-year-old man, he is more than capable of making his own decisions,” she said.

“If he was thinking at that point in time ‘Oh, Romy is a better option than Vanessa’, then that’s his problem.”

Vanessa Sunshine shared an equally frank explanation for why she didn’t appear all that into Nick via Instagram, saying she would “never ever put someone on a pedestal” if they hadn’t earned the right to be there.

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