Vanessa Sunshine unleashes "extremely blunt" account about her Bachelor experience.

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When Vanessa Sunshine found herself without a rose on Thursday night, we watched with genuine sadness as she left our screens.

We’re not sure if she really wanted to be there, in fact we’re pretty sure she 100 per cent didn’t, but that didn’t make watching her experience on The Bachelor any less satisfying.

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But now that she’s on the other side of the mansion gates, the 27-year-old decided to get very honest with fans in a blunt Instagram video rant (our favourite kind). And she’s said more in these three videos, than she did in the entire competition.

Luckily, we’ve dutifully transcribed every single word from the clips, because we know you want to know, and that’s okay.


“Hi everyone, it’s Vanessa. Obviously I didn’t get a rose but I’ve just written some words I want to share with you all,” she begins, introducing herself as NOT Vanessa Sunshine, but just as Vanessa.

“I’m going to be extremely blunt,” she continues.

“I will never ever put someone on a pedestal, who hasn’t earned the right the be there. My approach is a wildcard, you’re used to watching women, automatically fall for the Bachelor and scramble to confess their feelings, vying to be the last one standing to claim their man prize.”

The Melbourne legal secretary then goes onto explain how she is a “different kind of woman” and she gives “zero f**ks” (teach us your ways, please). Here’s the rest of her Instagram speech:

Obviously I was a different kind of woman thrown into the mix this season. I was 100 per cent true to myself, did not compromise my morals and values, get caught up in clique-ness and group dynamics that simply do not interest me. I own the resting b*tch face look. My sense of humour is very dry and sarcastic, and a little bit cheeky, and my attitude – for lack of a better statement  – is I give zero f**ks.

I simply do not feel the need to justify myself to everybody, and I’m totally comfortable and okay with this fact because I know who I am, can back myself, know my value and worth and no one is going to take that from me. When entering this experience, I was looking for someone funny and genuine. A man who’s sincerity I don’t have to question and who doesn’t question mine.

I want to be with someone who wants to build a life and a future together, have children and create a loving and caring family. And this still applies, however, I never had a pre-conceived idea that the Bachelor was the one for me. It’s really just not my style and I was just trying to suss out if he was or wasn’t for me.

I have the words ‘trust  your intuition’ tattooed on my inner forearm just as a gentle reminder. My gut told me that this is what I need to do so I hit submit on that application form and was fortunate enough to be selected. I suppose my point at the end of the day is that I’m a woman who is simply being myself and doing my own thing.

If my experience has shown just one person that it’s ok to be completely yourself, to back yourself, to not put up with bullsh*t when faced with adversity, then for me everything was worth it.

I am so grateful for this experience. Nick just simply wasn’t the person for me, nor I the person for him and that’s ok.

Oh Vanessa Sunshine… it was great knowing you and hopefully we’ll see you on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Fingers crossed.

Are you sad to see Vanessa Sunshine go? Thoughts and feelings in the comments please.

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