Cameos and a chaotic Taylor Swift: The best moments from Usher's Super Bowl Halftime show.

It's Super Bowl time, baby, which for most of us means watching Taylor Swift at the Usher concert. 

But for sports fans, the San Francisco 49ers played Taylor Swift's boyfriend's team (aka the Kansas City Chiefs) for the Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. 

Usher's Super Bowl Halftime show did not disappoint. It featured bangers like 'Yeah!' and 'Burn', along with special guests Alicia Keys, Ludacris. H.E.R, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri and

There were rumours that Justin Bieber would perform, but he was happy enough watching alongside his wife, Hailey Bieber, on the sidelines. 

We've rounded up the best moments from Usher's Vegas gig (aka the Super Bowl) — and don't worry, there was plenty of Taylor Swift moments throughout.

Taylor Swift defied the odds by flying into Vegas straight from Japan.

Even though Miss Swift is currently on tour in Tokyo, she decided to make a quick trip to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play his little game. 

She rolled in with Blake Lively and Ice Spice, no less! Lana Del Ray was also spotted with her in the crowd. The squad goals have never been stronger. 

Ice Spice, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively at the Super Bowl LVIII. Image: Getty. 


Post Malone performed before the Super Bowl began.

The show (game) was off to a chaotic start with a rather clean-cut-looking Post Malone giving a folksy performance of 'America the Beautiful', as Taylor and Blake cheered on in the stands. 

Reba McEntire sang the national anthem too because this show (game) just wants to keep us on our toes. 


But all we really care about is Usher!!

Pop your collar, my king!


Usher's Halftime show had sky-high expectations.

Even before the Usher Halftime kicked off, these two hilarious women on TikTok had set the platform ablaze for their pitch-perfect prediction of what to expect. Perfect, no notes. 

@daniellevoit YEAAAAH man 😭 #superbowl #usher #halftimeshow2024 #superbowlhalftimeshow ♬ original sound - daniellevoit

Usher opened with a classic and ran through his biggest bangers. 

From the minute Usher started with 'Caught Up', we knew we were in capable hands. He wore an all-white ensemble which he quickly stripped down to reveal a bedazzled sleeveless top and single white glove.  

Alicia Keys is here!! There she is!!

Music royalty Alicia Keys appeared as Usher's first musical guest with a gorgeous piano rendition of 'If I Aint Got You', as she sat with a sweeping red cape blowing behind her. It was high drama and I loved every second of it.

Usher then joined Alicia for 'My Boo', as the two icons cuddled and bopped along to their beloved noughties love song (that's still on my shower song rotation). 

Usher and Alicia Keys perform at the Super Bowl Halftime. Image: Getty. 


Usher sang some slow jams and took his top off (five stars, already).  

Usher has a lot of good songs! Aside from his club anthems, he's got a bunch of slow jams and he ran through some of the best. Starting with 'Love In This Club' then on to 'Confessions' and 'Burn', the king ended with 'U Got It Bad' and decided it was time to take off not just his shirt but his singlet as well. 

The man just sang 'Burn', he's burning up! I have no qualms with this. Be free!!

Got it let it (Usher's singlet) burn. Image: Getty. 


Usher is rolling!

Then came the roller skates during 'Oh My God' and Usher proved he's a multifaceted performer by turning the stadium into a roller derby. There was one moment when it looked like he was going to bump into a dancer, but we move on! 

The man can dance, sing, and roller-skate like a goddamn angel. 

Taylor Swift is getting in the spirit. 

Meanwhile, Swift is becoming a jock for the day — as she should! Taylor was seen downing a cup of non-descript liquid to prepare for Usher's performance which is deeply 'me at 21' coded. 

Taylor Swift #SuperBowl

— 21 (@21metgala) February 12, 2024

All our faves united for an ALL-TIME performance of 'Yeah!'

Ludacris, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri and came out to sing 'Yeah!' and I'VE NEVER FELT ALIVE.

Lil Jon popped up in the crowd rapping 'Turn Down For What' (!!!), Ludacris burst through the audience with an iconic verse, Jermaine did something (???) and wore a helmet and yep... he was apparently there too! 

The gang's all here! Image: Getty. 


I swear when the 'YEAH!' intro beat started, I could genuinely have kicked a door off its hinges.

Flawless show and not a terrible sports game either (I didn't keep watching to see the end).

Feature image: Getty.

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