See you soon, Travis Kelce.

The world went a little crazy over footage of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl. And at the Super Bowl afterparty. And a game two weeks before. And in Argentina. And-

The world goes crazy over Swift and Kelce. You get the point.

After a very busy couple of weeks for the pair — winning the biggest prize in music and the biggest prize in football, respectively — they parted ways, as Swift headed down under for her Eras Tour and Kelce's off-season began.

But now there is going to be a reunion on our own soil — here in Sydney, where Swift performs four shows from February 23-26. 

Both TMZ and Entertainment Tonight reported that Kelce had boarded a jet from Los Angeles earlier this week on his way to Sydney. He's expected to land today — Thursday — the day before her first show on Friday night.

Here's all the evidence it was going to happen.

Kelce's podcast comments.

In last week's episode of New Heights, his podcast with brother Jason Kelce, Travis mentioned how he would "venture to an island real soon", also joking that the best ones were "south" in his opinion.

I mean, I guess, Australia is an island? A really enormous island? And we're definitely south.


Another piece of evidence is that Travis stated that this weeks podcast, usually recorded on Tuesdays and released on Wednesdays (that's Wednesday and Thursday AEDT) had already been pre-recorded. Normally, he and Jason recap that week that was but now that the football season is over they're a little more flexible.

So flexible he could fit in a very long flight across the Pacific, in fact.

The rumoured Queensland holiday.

The island in the south could also be regarding a rumoured quick break near the Great Barrier Reef before she heads off to play in Singapore beginning March 2.

The Daily Mail reported this was in the cards (but without any evidence, so we'll see.) It obviously hasn't happened prior to the shows, but maybe they could squeeze it in next week.

Swift's nods to Kelce while on tour.

Not that we want to read too much into Swift's every move, but she did sing 'Come Back... Be Here' as a surprise song in Melbourne — a song all about missing someone you're falling in love with. She mashed this up with 'Daylight', which is about forgiving yourself for bad choices in the past and finding a safe new love.

Make from that what you will.

Photos also show she also arrived in Sydney from Melbourne with her Super Bowl champions hat on, just in case you had any doubt that she and Travis were going strong. 

And, look, maybe we're biased but a few weeks enjoying an Aussie summer sounds like a delightful post-football holiday, Trav.

This article was originally published on November 13 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Getty.

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