Lucifer, Panda, Moet and Schapelle: The most unusual Aussie baby names of 2018.

Charlotte, Amelia and Ava. Oliver, Jack and William.

Every year, Australian states reveal the 100 most popular names for babies born in the previous 12 months. South Australia always goes further, revealing the names given to every single baby.

Far down below the Olivers and the Charlottes, things get really, really interesting.

The list for 2018 has just been released, and there are around 3500 names used just once for either boys or girls in South Australia. They range from Aabed to Zyon, from S to Kaosidichukwunobi.

Some, like Tailem and Xenophon, sound particularly South Australian. Others are just gloriously different in their own way. Here are some of the standouts:


Lucifer: Banned in New Zealand, this devilish name got the thumbs-up in South Australia.

Luv: There was also a boy called Love, and another called Desire.

Lightning: And, if you like that, how about Lazer?

Ocean-Stanley: River and Ocean are both used for boys and girls, but Ocean-Stanley just has that touch of individuality.

Marvel: Isn’t every baby a little Marvel?

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Panda: There were six boys called Fox, three boys called Bear, and just one girl called Panda in SA last year.

Moet: Plenty of babies are given names associated with alcohol, but this one is particularly classy.

Narnia-Jay: A noteworthy literary name. There was also a girl called Harper-Lee, suggesting a true fan of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Ginkgo: With Sage, Maple, Saffron, Ginger, Juniper and other plant-based names turning up regularly, why not Ginkgo?

Nivea: Meaning “snow white”, this isn’t the only brand name also used as a first name. Think Chanel and Armani.

Seattle: Georgia, Dakota, Indiana and Brooklyn have all been popular. Maybe Seattle is the next big thing.

Schapelle: It might be the name of a convicted drug smuggler, but it’s also the name of a little baby in South Australia, proving inspiration can come from anywhere.