These are the unique baby names predicted to boom in 2019.

We might still be in the final weeks of 2018, but when it comes to baby names, there’s already some clear trends predicted to boom in 2019.

Nameberry, a baby names website, have released their list of predictions for next year’s baby names trends – and there’s some interesting names in the mix.

From gender neutral names to names inspired by celebrity surnames, it looks like we’re going to see loads more unique names popping up in 2019.

On the girls list, some of the more unique appearances include Fawn, Bowie and Koala. (Yes, Koala).

For the boys, names expected to receive a boost in 2019 include Lennon, Falcon and Finnian.

Here’s a rundown of the baby name trends Nameberry are predicting:

Global inspired names

Geography and travel inspired names have been around for decades.

But while Sydney, Adelaide and Paris have always been popular names, new choices from more diverse origins are set to enter the mix in 2019.

Maori names, ancient Greek names and Korean names are predicted to rise in 2019 with names including Acacius, Aroha, Cyrene, Lior and Sena increasing in popularity.

Names related to Eastern religions, like Bodhi, Kali and Zen, are also rising in popularity.

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Gender neutral names

With more parents looking to raise their child free of gender stereotypes, some parents are choosing gender neutral names.

According to Nameberry, popular gender neutral baby names include Campbell, Journey, Justice, Robin and Story.

Colour and gem inspired names

There’s no denying that colour and jewel-inspired names have been around for a long time.

But next year, colour-inspired names are getting even more unique. Colour names on the rise in 2019 will include Fawn, Grey, Moss, Olive and Sage.


Jewel-inspired names for baby girls, including Ruby, Pearl and Amber, have been popular for decades.

Nameberry predicts that more unusual gem-inspired names are set to rise in 2019, with some interesting options for boys too.

Some of the names include Jasper, Jet, Opal and Sapphire.

Celebrity surname names

Is there anything more trendy than celebrity surname inspired baby names? We think not.

Some of the most popular celebrity inspired baby names include Bowie, Hendrix, Ledger, Lennon and Monroe.

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Animal-inspired middle names

If you’re unsure about giving your baby a unique first name, the middle name is your next best bet.

Nameberry predicts animal-inspired names will be a big hit for middle names next year.

Popular names include Bear, Falcon, Koala, Otter, Tiger and Wolf.

Old-school boys names

Old-school vintage boy nickname names are an adorable option.

Upcoming nickname-inspired names include Ace, Billy, Buster, Jimmy and Spike.

What do you think about next year’s upcoming baby trends. Let us know in the comments.

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