Trinny Woodall's top skincare hacks, plus the one product she wishes we'd all stop using.

Trinny Woodall is crowd favourite among women of all ages for a reason.

From her fashion to her skincare routine, Trinny's presence online is magnetic – connecting with millions of women and helping them feel good in themselves again. It's work she has been doing in various capacities for years now, having spent the early 2000s giving women makeovers with her partner in fashion crime, Susannah, via What Not to Wear.

"Women find it easy to be intimate with me quickly. To have that is a very special thing," Trinny said on No Filter previously.

Nowadays, a large part of Trinny's audience love watching her socials where she answers commonly asked skincare questions and shares her tricks of the trade. 

So to get in on the action ourselves, Mamamia spoke with the Trinny London founder about her favourite hacks and the one product she thinks we all need to stop using in our routines.

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1. Trinny's winter skincare hack.

One of the first things we had to ask Trinny was about winter skincare – how the hell does one keep their skin hydrated and nourished amid the colder seasons?? 


"I think layering is key," she tells Mamamia. 

"I love layering and I go crazy with layering in the winter. I like to do my Tiptoe In (a poly-hydroxy acid formulation liquid exfoliation) in the morning and a spritz of water, followed by a mixture of Tiptoe In and Plump Up (a Hyaluronic acid serum with advanced peptides) and let them soak in."

The next step after letting the initial skincare products soak in, is to add a bit more for extra nourishment.

"Then I do Plump Up by itself and finish with Bounce Back (a peptide moisturiser). The layering of your skin just gives it some bounce and you really feel brought back to life."

It's falling back on solid, quality skincare products, like hyaluronic acid serums, and a rich well-formulated moisturiser that can do wonders. Emphasis on the well-formulated, says Trinny. 

But amid the focus on serums of moisturisers, it can feel pretty overwhelming to consider the sheer amount of varieties on the market. Seriously, I find it hard to know what to choose!

When it comes to figuring out what moisturiser is best for you personally, Trinny says it depends entirely on what else you have in your routine.

"If you do a lot of things in your routine, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums, you just need something to seal it in. If you have generally normal skin, you might need something quite light, but maybe have some active ingredients that aren't already in bits of your routine," she explains.


For those dealing with super dry skin, Mamamia's Beauty Editor has a range of product reccos here

As for those like myself who often have pretty oily skin, Trinny knows how you feel, suggesting a moisturiser that's packed full of niacinamide.  

2. The one skincare product Trinny wishes we'd stop using.

Speaking with Trinny, myself and many members of the Mamamia team were desperate to know her thoughts on one thing in particular. Is there a product or routine she says lots of women use, that she wishes they would stop doing?


Her answer was yes. And it was pretty surprising.

"Cream cleanser. I think it leaves this film on skin that makes your putting anything else on totally redundant because it just sits on top of your skin," she says.

"Just the idea of having to do the double cleanse to really get your skin clean [is redundant]. With cream cleansers you have to fully clear it off, in order to have a surface to put the ingredients that will actively penetrate and work."

3. Trinny's advice for skincare and makeup in our 50s.

Another topic Trinny is passionate about is helping women over 50 with their skincare and makeup.

Beauty brands often ignore this group of women. It's a fact that has left Trinny frustrated, and led to her starting her own skincare company at the age of 53.

So for women in their 50s, who are keen for some tips and tricks, Trinny has you covered.

"I think looking at the level of coverage you think you need should be addressed as you go down the path of life. On one hand, you might feel there's a more unevenness to your skin tone. On the other hand, you can see that heavier foundations sit in your wrinkles," she says to Mamamia

"It's a question of being really targeted and how you do your coverage and maybe only focusing on the areas where you have discolouration. It's about blending it out, instead of covering your whole face with foundation. But equally, it's about using skincare that puts you in a position where you don't need to wear so much makeup."


It's the focus on skincare, rather than heavy makeup, that's been growing more and more dominant among customers lately. The emphasis has been on glowy skin, glass skin – skin that looks refreshed, healthy and nourished. 

It's a topic Trinny has spoken on before, noting there's a BIG difference between shine and glow. 


"Matte to me is dull, not fully alive and awake. Shine is what happens when you go for a jog, and you sweat. Now glow to me is that post-sex best skin. It's the only way I can describe it: when you go look in the mirror, and you just think, 'I look gorgeous'. That's glow," she says.

"It's about bringing life back into your skin."

As for how to achieve a glowy look, it's all about how the skin is treated prior to makeup. This often involves a good sunscreen, an illuminating glowy base, some cream products like a bronzer, blush and highlighter, and not too much product in the T-zone of the face.

4. The skincare gadget that's worth investing in...

The next yay versus nay trend from Trinny has to be skincare gadgets – but it's not a necessary add-on for everyone. 

Ultimately, the best at-home skincare device or gadget for you is the one you will use regularly. And you best believe Trinny has tried them all.

"Tools are something that is this extension of skincare. If you are a budget skincare purchaser, I would say just use your hands. Don't feel that you can't get great skin without really good tools. But if you have the money and you want some accelerated [results], I think LEDs are great. If I was investing in something, that would be the first thing I would invest in."

5. Trinny's verdict on the ombré lip.

As for her final verdict on a current trend: we have the ombré lip. 


It's when two lipstick shades are blended to create a fading effect. The colours can transition from the cupid's bow out or the outer to the inner lips to make a bold lip look. Think a darker shade in the outer corners and a slightly lighter shade in the middle. 

"I'm on the fence for ombré lips," says Trinny. "But I'm trying it right now."

Ultimately, makeup and skincare is a constantly-evolving world filled with new products, new or recycled trends and lots of opinions.

But as Trinny said on Mamamia's No Filter, beauty is individual and all about self-expression and confidence. 

"I always felt the power of a woman seeing herself again in a way she could recognise and identify herself. Not a total metamorphosis, but one where she had just been like an old coin that's been polished up," she said. 

"It can be empowering for a woman to change on the outside to then be able to evolve on the inside. Sometimes we need that exterior push to be perceived in a different way in order for that inner voice to come out and say, 'This is actually me now'."

For more from Trinny Woodall, you can follow her on Instagram here. You can also check out Trinny London's website here, where her products are available to buy online or in-store in some select Australian stores

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