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hellb January 16, 2021

@simple simon Yep, first name only and for address, just the suburb or postcode. That is more than sufficient for the health authorities to track you down if necessary.

hellb December 4, 2020

I live in a cooler climate with a longer winter than the coastal cities and Vitamin D deficiency is definitely an issue here and supplementation is common. My teenage daughter's Vitamin D levels in a recent blood test were at 5% of the average reading. 

hellb November 21, 2020

"Pure blood line" or inbreeding? Wouldn't be surprised if there were more hidden relatives amongst the "royals".

hellb October 3, 2020

Unfortunately when David speaks the "we" that listen aren't the ones making the big decisions. Our politicians are still turning to fossil fuels for economic recovery, signing off deals with international miners and largely ignoring climate change.

hellb September 26, 2020

I follow a Keto diet and I treat myself to a few squares of this chocolate as a treat. It's the best tasting sugar-free chocolate on the market, I've tried them all. I agree with another commenter that too much can upset your stomach but for me that's pretty much all sugar substitutes, natural or otherwise. 

hellb August 7, 2020

I once went from long ginger ringlet curls to a chemically straightened short dark brunette bob with a fringe. My mother didn't recognise me.

hellb August 4, 2020

Love seeing this support of small businesses. Remember, these cloth masks should be only worn for one day (4-6 hours) then washed before using again, so consider buying multiples if you need one daily. And try not to touch the cloth when putting it on/taking it off to prevent the spread of germs to your hands. 

hellb August 1, 2020

At least the hair matches the look now with the tattoos and piercings. The long blonde hair and moustache just looked wrong with such severe body art.

hellb May 26, 2020

@redballoon Your comments about Chiropractors are ignorant. To become a practising Chiropractor in Australia, you need to complete 5 years of study. First, an accredited bachelor's degree in Health Science, followed by a two-year Master of Clinical Chiropractic. They actually study more course hours in Biology than a GP. They study less hours in pharmacological medicine. 

Helen April 12, 2020

Helen was most popular (9th) on the Aus stats from 1952, 53, 54, 56. But I was born in 69 (24th) and only went to school with two others. On the US charts it was most popular in 1918, so I'm guessing it was about the same here too but the Aus stats don't go back that far. All the other names on there for the 60s were in high rotation at my school, so 100% correct.

Helen March 12, 2020

The Blue Mountains Music Festival has also been cancelled - it's devastating to our community. A three-day festival involving local businesses, accommodation, caterers, food and market stalls, volunteers, performers, ticket-holders, over a year of planning and organising has come to a halt.

Helen March 7, 2020

Beautiful sentiments, Holly. I too feel lucky to be born who I am, where I am and know that it would be a lot harder being a woman elsewhere in the world. I teach my daughters the same thing. We must continue to care for those less lucky.

Helen February 2, 2020

Utterly devastating. And what about the passenger? Shouldn't they be charged too as an accessory to a crime? They allowed the driver to drive that vehicle, seems unjust for them to get away with it.

Helen January 30, 2020

I agree! Brilliant!

Helen January 29, 2020

OMG Jessie you are hilarious! I fan-girled this video too!

Helen January 8, 2020

People forget that the Greens aren't in power anywhere. Even if their policies WERE to prevent back burning, they're just policies. They'd have to be approved by the rest of government to be actioned.

Helen December 13, 2019

They all look great but only half of them are actual "pixie" cuts. The others just have short hair.

Helen October 28, 2019

Can we stop talking about him now? I understand this true crime stuff is fascinating but the man was evil, showed no remorse, kept secrets from those who need to know the truth about their loved ones and is now dead. Leave him to rot in our memories too.

Helen September 25, 2019

I think once you find out it's based on a crazy Korean TV show you don't really need to know more. Or expect it to make sense!

Helen August 26, 2019

Best show on TV at the moment. Intelligent script, intuitive actors, intense material written for adult minds. The Fincher touch. Brilliant.

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