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hellb June 4, 2024

@rush I know right? Also hilarious all the kids have such intense Spanish names! Train wreck TV. 

hellb May 3, 2024

Sounds like people are jealous. Why shouldn't she get help if she can? I had three kids under four including twins and would have jumped at the opportunity. 

hellb May 1, 2024

I also feel like there’s a bigger conversation here about her appearance. She’s not skinny (great!) and in turn has a beautiful soft face with plenty of collagen giving her a youthful appearance. As opposed to the model of starving actresses whose faces are gaunt and appear more aged so resort to injectables in their face to plump it up. This has become the more common face of a 37 year old IMO. 

hellb January 27, 2024

@rush right? Surely financial issues can't be the only reason she stays? A good divorce lawyer will make sure she and their son are OK without this deception and immaturity. No wonder he treats her like a teenager.

hellb December 13, 2023

Some pictures of these makeup looks would have been great. Not always easy to visualise what is meant by the description. 

hellb November 28, 2023

@dbrown by their "loving" partners? Are we talking about the same thing here?

hellb November 6, 2023

@rush and 20% off at the moment!

hellb October 28, 2023

As a hospitality worker, I find it incredibly disruptive to workflow. Trying to take an order, deliver food, clear tables whilst not interrupting a photo shoot of a human or the food or the venue slows us down. And TBH you never know whether it's going to be a positive review or not! Also, my coworkers are sick of being in the photographs without being asked. Sometimes you don't know until it appears on Instagram. So disrespectful of other's privacy and for what?

hellb September 25, 2023

I too was a super-aholic! So many Vogues, US Harpers Bazaars, all with stunning covers and fashion shoots. I recently moved house and while cleaning out old magazines still could not part with the Linda covers. So beautiful. 

hellb September 4, 2023

It's hair first for me. I curl it or touch up the curls every morning and they cool down ready to style/spray while I do my makeup. Also, I only wear light foundation so never a drama at my hairline. So I guess I do hair first AND last!

hellb August 7, 2023

@rua Nope same thing. Spend $300 on sale at Chloe, wear for 10 years, cost per wear is mere cents. Investment dressing is just this. Rather than spending $100s  on cheap clothes every year, spend real $$ on good quality, more expensive clothes to get real value/cost per wear.

hellb July 27, 2023

2001 A Spacey Odyssey is not Film Noir, it's Science Fiction.

hellb July 13, 2023

@rush If you're in Sydney or Melbourne there are pop up Trinny London stores in Bondi Junction, Warringah Mall and (?) can't remember where in Melbourne. They have makeup artists on site to help you and you can sample everything. 

hellb June 19, 2023

You're right. Your sister looks 10 years younger and stunning with hair that suits her!

hellb May 31, 2023

@rush I was thinking that and the fact that she didn't have to be in a room with any of the others! Perfect!

hellb January 20, 2023

This looks great if you have young, non-sagging or hooded lids. Otherwise, you do the best you can!

hellb December 4, 2022

The green pictured is not forrest green. Forrest green is much darker, almost a neutral shade, like she's describing in the text. 

hellb November 7, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I'm sure if she's taking care of the "life admin" she's taking care of herself in there too. 

hellb October 14, 2022

Shannen should definitely get the fringe! Gorgeous!

hellb September 23, 2022

I love the openness and the practical aspect of this. I do wonder though, that if young girls are accustomed to using a vibrator that actual sex could be disappointing? I mean, vibrators are designed to hit the spot and get you off relatively quickly.  Sex with a partner is not often like that, especially at a young age.