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hellb September 13, 2021

@lawyermummy It's good to start with the things you can control. Don't overlook improving your gut health. Your gut works like a second brain (strange, right?) and can alleviate all kinds of symptoms from hot flushes to mild depression. A good pre and pro biotic can do wonders. 

hellb September 1, 2021

Holly, you look fantastic! I'm 52 and NoBo. A combination of good genes and a mother who didn't let me play in the midday sun has really paid off. I look after my skin - GoTo all the way! - with a few added extras, but to be honest, I don't notice the difference most of the time. I feel fortunate to not live in a big city where looks are more "competitive". Up here it's a pretty natural vibe. 

hellb August 26, 2021

I cannot get over the ego of some of these "influencers"! They really are out of control. 

hellb August 25, 2021

Wow, how original. Beautiful actress does nude scene, gets more work. Would never have thought of it...

hellb August 24, 2021

Motivating teenagers is hard at the best of times but under these circumstances it is nearly impossible. I had twin daughters do their HSC last year and I was deeply frustrated by their lack of commitment and organisation when studying from home, at the same time as totally sympathising with how hard it was to be without their usual social stimulus and routine. When they finally graduated I felt like I needed an award too! 

hellb August 23, 2021

My friend discovered she had a serious heart problem via her fitbit. She was wearing it when she woke through the night to see her heart rate go through the roof. Realising it wasn't the first time it had happened, she took herself to the dr!

hellb August 19, 2021

@anonymous And did you see him on 7.30 the other night? Trying to convince us that the mission in Afghanistan was not a failure?

hellb August 6, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Yep. Pretty insulting.

hellb July 25, 2021

Maybe get your boyfriend into Bro-To, the Go-To line for men. Then you can definitely share!!

hellb July 14, 2021

I agree with 12 of those comments, so I not so divisive for me! 

hellb July 14, 2021

@abandoned abroad I'm so sorry you're in that situation. I can't imagine how it feels to be abandoned by your own country. This government has let us all down, but especially those overseas. I truly hope you can return soon.

hellb July 13, 2021

@rush Haha, I was gonna say something similar. NO-ONE should ever wear nude bike shorts. No-one should wear bike shorts full stop. Unless you're riding a bike. Ugh.

hellb July 10, 2021

They could have sent "Covid Marshalls" to those suburbs with a high proportion of ESL people without it being so dramatic. Police presence is frightening and confrontational rather than educational. We just want everyone to know and follow the rules, right?

hellb June 25, 2021

I love that it's not all boring and white and looks like someone hired someone else to decorate. This feels like Cara had a real say in it all. Good on her! I'd move in tomorrow!

hellb June 7, 2021

So basically, they're all just knockoff Dr Martens!

hellb May 30, 2021

A spoonful of Caramilk Philly is my after dinner treat. So good!

hellb May 17, 2021

@pippa I've been doing keto for years. There are plenty of green and leafy veggies you can include to get fibre that have a low amount of carbs. I have a salad every day! Like all things, some foods suit some and not others. 

hellb May 14, 2021

@juggalugs I was just going to say that. Sounds awfully familiar...

hellb May 8, 2021

Just get a lock for your bathroom door. 

hellb March 29, 2021

His comments make me want to vomit. In his direction. So glad the station fired him.