'I used a sheet mask every single day for a month. Here's what happened to my face.'

"I read on WeChat that wearing a sheet mask every day is really good for your skin!"

When my mum casually brought this up one night, it turns out she was onto something. Who knew my mum was so on the pulse about current beauty trends? (For those who don't have WeChat, it's the Chinese version of Facebook meets Whatsapp). 

It turns out daily masking, or even daily masking twice a day, is a thing!

According to social platforms like Reddit and Instagram, masking every day touts some pretty big benefits for your skin, with many Asian beauty bloggers swearing by the method. 

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But does masking every day actually benefit your skin?

So, I knew I had to give this WeChat beauty tip a whirl! I stocked up on my sheet masks and decided I would wear a sheet mask every day for a month to see what wonders it could do.

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The experiment.

I'm not going to lie, this was a very bold endeavour, considering my new year's resolution to do a mask every Sunday #selfcaresunday fell flat on its face two weeks in because life with a toddler and infant is pure chaos. 

If I'm lucky, on a regular basis I get around to slapping a mask on maybe once a fortnight.

Regardless, I forged ahead hoping that a mask a day and a dose of daily self care was exactly what I needed to balance out the mayhem that is now my life.

Image: Supplied So, you're probably wondering what masks I used for my little experiment, huh?


Well, rather than opt for a different mask every day, I procured a variety of different sheet masks that I already knew worked for my skin type, rotating between them throughout the month.

While some of these masks focused on detoxing and clearing the skin (with pore-cleaning ingredients such as charcoal), others focused on hydrating and plumping the skin (with ingredients like hyaluronic acid). So, I had a nice mix to work with!

Here's a snap of my selection:

All the masks! Image: Supplied. 


Overall, I found it pretty easy to stick to my daily masking session, and it became something I really looked forward to in the evenings.

I turned it into a bit of a game with my big girl (she's three), who got a kick out of picking which mask I wore each night. Let's just say we got through all the pink and "pretty" packaging ones first.

The verdict.

My skin might not have changed radically or look noticeably spectacular, but I can tell you my face has never felt so hydrated and juicy!

During the experiment I saw some small improvements, perhaps the most important was I found that during the day (when my skin usually starts to feel a little dry and dull), my skin felt dewy and fresh and my makeup sat so nicely - not a speck or flake in sight!

Image: Supplied 


So, will I continue to put a mask on daily? Probably not. 

My answer would be different if I could put a mask on and relax with a glass of wine each night - I honestly think that daily masking is more beneficial to the mind than it is to the skin. There's something so relaxing about spending 10-15 minutes on yourself (heaven for a busy mum of two).

For me, doing the bed routine mid-mask was not ideal (the first time the baby saw me with a mask on said it all). 

I did, however, find some interesting looking overnight masks during my masked month, which I'll definitely be trying out in hopes it has a similar dewy outcome!

Would you try masking every day? Share with us in the comment section below.

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