'I switched to a foundation with hyaluronic acid for 2 weeks. Here's the difference it made.'

L’Oréal Paris
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I wasn't one of those people during lockdown and WFH who stopped wearing makeup.

It just wasn't me.

There were days - OK, most days - I needed that ritual in the morning to start my day.A slither of normalcy during the peak time of disruption to our lives and to the world as we once knew it.

Too dark? Well, that was the reality. 

Painting makeup on my face, Zoom call or not, that was my safe space. There is a reason why beauty as a category is somewhat recession proof - they call it the 'lipstick effect'. It's when consumers like you or I, lean into and spend money, on small indulgences during economic downturns.

Now I'm usually pretty loyal to products that I use, but even I could see the irony of popping a high-end foundation on my face only to sit in front of a screen all day and see one.

That's why I was delighted when a sample of L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation (RRP $29.95) made it to my desk back in August.

There had been a lot of buzz about this product due to its shade inclusivity (hello, 40 shades), which as a Black girl makes me so happy.

But I'd also heard a lot about the fact that the foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, and claimed to improve skin quality in two weeks. This was interesting to me - blurring the line between skincare and beauty, AND at a reasonable price point? It had my attention.

Attention, please. Image: Supplied.


Hyaluronic Acid is basically the mother of all ingredients. It's a super hydrator which actually occurs naturally in our bodies. But as we get older, around mid-30s, our production dwindles quite dramatically. Think baby cherub to deflated balloon. Hate that for us.

Applying the ingredient topically is a great way to get moisture back in, leaving skin hydrated and plump. As a result, those pesky fine lines will be less prominent and you’ll have an overall glow. So, did I get that glow?


For the purpose of this road test, I trialled L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation for 14 consecutive days to get a real feel of the impact this beauty-slash-skincare product had on my skin.

What I noticed was that True Match is super blendable, and a little goes a LONG way. A thin layer feels like a second skin. Still my skin but just... better. And if I have a shoot that day (I am the host of Mamamia's pop culture podcast The Spill, so from time to time my mug is needed in a video), I add just a smidge more to make sure I pop on screen.

L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation


I cannot stress enough how buildable and pigmented the formulation is. The coverage alone is worth it. But it doesn’t feel heavy in the way other buildable foundations can. I don’t know if this is just a 'me' thing, but when I have heavy makeup on, it’s like my face moves differently? Or feels stiff? This feels hydrating. 

Case in point: this was Day 3 or 4 of the trial. It was a hot day in Sydney and my commute in the morning had me feeling like a sweaty mess. Then, straight into air con for the next nine hours or so for what would be a long and reasonably busy day. I got home and quickly snapped a pic right before I hopped into the shower around 7.30pm - a full 12 HOURS after painting this face.

Why? Because I was genuinely amazed at how good I looked. The foundation did not shift. I was still glowing.

After a long day. Image: Supplied.


But it was also how it felt after I washed my face. My face didn’t feel stripped or dry. It didn’t feel like my skin was longing for a big drink of serum and moisturiser. I still applied these of course, but smaller amounts were needed because the products spread on so easily.

At the end of the two weeks, my skin honestly not only feels better, but visibly looks it too. Just yesterday, a colleague asked what I’ve been doing with my skin because it looks so glowy.

At a time where we need to still feel like ourselves, but are very much aware of the value of a dollar, this is the type of caring product we all need. A product that makes us feel good and look good with noticeable results, at a price we can all get around. So, I urge you to lean into this small indulgence and feel like you, just better.

L'Oréal Paris True Match Foundation is available at Chemist Warehouse - buy instore now.

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