Travis Scott just spoke for the first time about his baby with Kylie Jenner and... is that it?

For months, we waited with bated breath to hear anything, SOMETHING about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

Then, after countless sleepless nights spent hitting ‘refresh’ on our Instagram feeds in the hopes that the 51st time would surely produce some sort of baby announcement post, it happened.

Kylie Jenner not only confirmed that yes, in fact, she was pregnant, but that her pregnancy was already over, and she had welcomed a baby girl on February 1.

While we were gifted with an explanation as to why the 20-year-old was so mysteriously absent during the whirlwind of pregnancy rumours (she wanted to keep this “for herself”) and a nearly 12-minute long video that showed the most intimate moments of her journey towards motherhood, it took another two days for Kylie to share the first snap of her little girl, along with her name: Stormi Webster.

stormi webster ????????

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And it’s taken another two weeks for Stormi’s father, 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott, to speak for the first time about his new baby girl, waxing lyrical to the press about life as a father, how adorable every single one of Stormi’s burps and gurgles are and…. oh wait, no, sorry. That’s… totally not how things went.

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According to gossip site TMZ, the rapper was chased down by the paparazzi, who in between frantically snapping pictures, screamed “HOW IS THE BABY TELL US EVERYTHING”.

Travis’ response? “She’s beautiful”.

He then fled into a nearby vehicle and sped off into the sunset. Hopefully to be with Kylie and baby Stormi. And that was it…


It’s hardly a surprise that, after the shroud of secrecy that surrounded Kylie’s pregnancy, the pair would still be staying mum on the details of Stormi’s life.

And, yeah, maybe he was never going to share his most intimate thoughts on fatherhood to the screaming paparazzi.

But still. 

Surely there’s more to tell us, Travis. Surely.